Same Sex in Nigeria

In Africa especially Nigeria our culture and tradition has a detest for gays and lesbians, its considered as a thing of shame to openly say you have same sex, "sex".

Same sex is like a taboo topic and gays fear to come out openly talk less of expressing their life style choice,however it seems all of that is changing and most will point a blaming finger to westernization or freedom of speech/expression.This forms of expressions are taking major city by storms covertly far from the gay pride parades in western world.

While strip tease dancing clubs now exist in places like  Ikeja in Lagos on the famous red light districts of (Allen and Opebi Avenues) it is even rumored now that there's a gay bar somewhere in Victoria Island Lagos Nigeria,however I strongly doubt this is true.

I am not an advocate for gays or lesbians in anyway,I don't preach hate for this group of people or any group for that matter,however I do have my personal reservations and opinions that I am entitled to.

I have realized I cant change people from there sexual orientation or life style preferences, but I still believe and hold this view that,certain human practice goes over board and falls short of what I consider to be regular human nature and in most cases modesty and decency.


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