Anti Gay Comments

Last week in the NBA, the turn out of event over so called anti gay comments by Tony Hardaway to fellow NBA star John Anmechi to me, is unfair to Tony. It further buttresses the craziness or should I say same sex people cold war against heterosexuality going on in places like the USA.

How can a man be banned from the NBA all star games simply because he exercised his freedom of speech within limits  to say out rightly what he feels, he sure has a right to like or dislike what and who so ever he as a person chooses.

All he said was “I don’t like gays, and I don’t like John Anmechi” and a ban gets slapped on him! That’s really crazy, and watching him apologies over and over again for making that statement was to me most pathetic, he did not have to and  yet John could still say he wont accept Hardawys apologies because its guys like Hardaway that make gay's life a living hell.

I for one don’t think anybody is making anybody's life a living hell, when a man chooses to have sexual and emotional relationship with another man, I think he is going to find hell pretty easy on his own.

They are certainly gay people that are anti straight or heterosexual  phobic and who openly utter there disgust for anyone who contest there life choices but you  certainly wont see anyone reading such story in the media since the media is so gay biased . This particular issue was just over publicized cause it makes good news since its two NBA stars and obviously the straight one out of the two of them ended up being portrayed as the one with the wide mouth spitting out hate.

I don't subscribe to hate crimes or violence against gay or any human because of there sexual preferences , faith, colour etc and I do agree that certain people take the anti gay comments thing to a dangerous level, but in this case I don't think this is one of those types of comments


Xterra007 said…
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