IBB,Steps Aside

Ibb, Never Again! THATS WHAT I SAID!, and that’s what’s happening, IBB steps aside, what ever the reasons he is giving as flimsy as it sounds, to me it don’t matter, what matters is that HE (IBB) is out of the race for now and forever, So for once i too think this man has done one wise thing, Otherwise, i know he would not have survived 8yrs as the president of the great country Nigeria.

My prayer now is that, the right man for the Job, with a heart of service and the know -how to manage the wealth and people of this nation in the best possible way, wins the fort coming presidential elections.

For all the crooks that still want to put Nigeria in side their pockets, it wont work, you have had your share of the never finishing national cake, go and eat what you have, leave what’s left for the masses and the future.

That’s our prayer, that’s the goal.... Let’s for once see a Nigeria we can all truly say “Things are getting Better"


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