We Either Make Ourselves Happy or Miserable.

The whole month of September, I didn't find time to blog, and there's a perfect explanation for that, I was on leave from work for about 4 weeks starting from the last week of August to the 3rd week of September. This period gave me time to see family, and visit friends in Lagos, Ibadan, Warri and my home town Kwale.

Now I seat back counting the cost of my journeys and the sort of spending spree I went on, first I made an upgrade of my word-rope and this now includes a suit, which before now was alien to me, and that was one of the thing that caused the major damage, but am the better one for it, every day as I enter the office my colleagues  go Wooooooooo!!, "which levels "….

70% is talking, referring to the percentage by which we recently had on our salaries increase for 2007, but honestly I knew I was due for a change in my wade-rope , so 70% or not I still would have done some changes on my outlook.

My leave also gave me the opportunity to see for the first time the wonderful work at my Mums private school, by the Grace of God , my Mum is putting together more units of class room blocks in her private school. Thismade me ever more prouder of this one woman,always dogged a teacher per exellence all she has ever wanted to do was teach and provide education to people - Love you Ma and like Tupac said, am saying.. “ aint no woman alive that can take my mamas place)…. At least not yet..lol.

I just could not leave her  without dolling out a little something, something to help in this most noble, challenging , wonderful and cost intensive project. Mum! , u go gurl!!!

I think I can say from my trip and my leave I came back to PHC , somewhat fulfilled despite all the money spent, here and there, but then again why do we make and save the money if not to spend it.

Now am back, the challenges are enormous, the pressure at work is building up and as the year ends is not unusual for the volume of jobs me and my team mates deal with to start increasing and it is already, as I write this the stark of documents on my desk waiting for attention is quite frighting,.. but its my break time and I just have to write because this  helps me clear my thinking and record my thoughts past and present for posterity.

Secondly I have my professional exams CIPS to take in about a month and 19days, so having to study most nights is not an easy task, but I have to. That’s the challenge for the present and face it  I must, despite how uncomfortable it seems sometime.

Am taking it one day at a time, looking for ways to enjoy the challenges and pressure no matter what, I must say that the word in church lately has been most encouraging for me, although I don’t find time to go within the week, what I get to hear Sundays and the tape I get afterwards , has really helped.

I can draw strength and encouragement to deal with MY! Issues, and boy are they many, and also these words that let you know , you just have to give life a fight, to get whats yours. You must step up and take it and stop all the blames and complaining.

I am looking, expecting and keeping hope alive October is a month for even greater possibilities.


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