A Quick Work.

I sense a quick work, in my Life this year and who’s... doing that work? You might ask, My God almighty that’s who.

I try to see myself as a work in progress, I have Pound and pounds of flesh that must be doled out of (my Mind) Just like the foreskin during the male circumcision.

That’s one part of this processing; the other part is my needs and expectations for not just the New Year but for the Future.
I started the year, with this long wish/prayer list…. Which by the first Sunday of the year got me asking the question.

Willy you have Given HIM your list, now what about HIS own for you?, all Thanks to Pastor Lanre (HOTR) who’s sermon that Sunday jabbed my spirit man as always.

I left Church asking; Lord what will you have me do for you this Year?

In praying/fasting and asking the Lord, what HE wants me to do for HIM this year, I lost the sense of my own ever pressing needs.

That frame of mind brought me so much inward peace and took me away from Me!. And it happened... that quick work, “She” came into my Life and my world in a rather unusual manner.

Have you Ever had this experience, where you are looking for a pen or a comb, and you searched and searched.. Up to the point you are getting angry, because you so sure it was with you a second ago,.. but then you Look in the mirror and there it is, stuck in your hair all these while and you never knew.

Well that’s how this quick work in this particular area of my life played out.

I thank God that I now know how to look in the Mirror, Look inward and ask The Lord, what he will have you do, be rest assured , HE has a Job or jobs HE will have you do, and trust me the burden is light and the grace is available.

I will keep asking, but more of HIS, and Less of Mine.


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