To hold House on the Rock church, Port Harcourt (Heritage House) spelled bound, then you definitely must be a man of Kindred spirits with Pastor Lanre Oluseye of HOTR.

Mr. Fela Durotoye, Held the Heritage House, (House on the Rock, Port Harcourt) spell bound for the entire session of his sermon titled (Krunje!) Or (Expo!) in our local lingo. He talked about the Vision of the future Nigeria, God revealed to him and how in the course of time as events passed in Nigeria he wondered if he really heard God, but then again Confirmations came to him, from truly and tested men and women in the faith.

For me the message helped me pick a cue and edged me in a more defined way, on how to be the change that I desire to see in me and in our great country Nigeria. The Words! Where deep, passionate and true! It takes a large mind to comprehend.

Using the city of Dubai with its magnificent structures, plans and scenic landscape, as a projection for the future Nigeria in 2025 in terms of physical development may seem to many as wild, especially if you have been to the slumps in our major cites.

A few weeks ago I was in Lagos Nigeria, on a Bus from the main land to Victoria island , the lengthy 3rd main land bridge was undergoing maintenance and the bridge gets closed at certain hour of the day, 12.30pm I think, my bus didn’t make it before the closing time, so the driver had to take a detour to Ebute metta, the Traffic was more than chaotic. Despite the fact that I don’t know this area of Lagos very well I decided to come down from the bus and walk, possibly I will get a bike to take me to CMS on the island, but it took two hours for me to find my way out of that area, while I walked I looked at this area of Lagos and wondered how on earth can people live and do business in such a crazy crazy mad place, I wondered how can the dream of a Modern Nigeria come to pass if this is where we stand today, I taught of similar towns I have been to or lived in with crazy crazy mad places, Warri, Port Harcourt, Ibadan, Enugu,Aba, just to mention a few. It sure looks like this dream of Turning Nigeria into one of the most Developed economy and sort after region in the world by 2025 is quite a tall order, Taller than the tallest building in Dubia I will say.

The Good thing is that it’s possible, because God has a future for Nigeria and Nigerians are now rising up in prayers and in actions, the number might be few, the steps taken so far small, but this is one crusade that will not require the vast majority, at least at its initial stage, its will start like a express train and will definitely build up Momentum as the wheels and engine gets Oiled and fired up by Fela durotoye and the likes of him.

With men of great minds and vision like Fela Durotoye, speaking, I believe something is about to happen.


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