Out with the old (2008), in with the new (2009).

Its count down again, 2008 is almost over and done with, the days, weeks, months have all gone by so swiftly and in less than 5 hours the year 2008 will be in the past.

2008 has been a hard-hitting, but good year, many experiences that I went through as the year rolled by, has helped to better shape and define me as a person.
You will always hear people say things like ," If you believe, then you can achieve" or If you want it bad enough, then you will get it". Theses statements, I have always believed in but believing in something is a whole lot different from living or experiencing that which you believe in.

In 2008 as events in my life unfolded, I got an opportunity again to live and experience some of my personal believes. My believes basically are founded on two things, 1st my faith in God, and 2nd my believe in my God given abilities. To everything in life there’s two sides, a spiritual and a physical side, a sound state of being requires a good balance of both sides, each day and each challenge draws me closer to this balance.

For me, belief is in the realm where faith in the divine and faith in your physical being /mental abilities interplay. The outgoing year offered me many opportunities to build my faith, hope and trust in God based on my believes in Jesus Christ and also the abilities bestowed on me, I wont list these experiences here, but I can clearly identify them on a personal level and try to leverage on these experiences to continue living and learning in the year 2009.

2009 is an excellent year for those who believe, how do I know? that’s a big question and because I am not a known trusted soothsayer plus coupled with the facts of the present day world will live in, the talk is all about, the global economic down turn, credit crunch, recession etc, I bet most people will not believe me when I say 2009 is an excellent year, but it is what it is. Note that I used the word, "is” and not “will be” simply because that’s the language of faith.

Economist and the very best of business strategist are all already spelling burst for the year 2009, loss of more jobs, more banks and organizations going under, low consumer spending etc, with some signs already showing in places like the United state and the UK, but despite all of this I still say 2009, is an excellent year, well that’s the beauty of living by faith, and not by sight, thoughts, intellect or global/local economic out look.

For Christians the Bible records in Job 22:29 "when men are cast down, then thou shalt say, there is lifting up; and he shall save the humble person.”(KJV) Living by faith is not a rational thing, and neither is it an irrational thing, it is simply living by faith; you have to live it to know it.

Finally before I sign out for 2008, let me say thank YOU! To the few readers of my blog, this blogger is not just another pen pusher trying to do his thing and change the world, but its for me one way to let out steam, record my thoughts or experiences in my own way and record my perception on any issue, just how I see it, I hope to keep blogging and learning in the process.

To my family and friends I say God bless, it’s a beautiful thing and a privilege having you all in my life. To everyone 2009 is an excellent year, look for the opportunities, and grab them and most importantly be benevolent, reach out if and when you can, God bless and Godspeed in 2009.


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