Keep Hope Alive! Nigeria at 49

Quoting Rev Jesse Louis Jackson, Sr, I will say to every Nigerian lets “keep Hope alive.

Lets PRAY!, that as we mark another year of Independence that Nigeria will really change for the better, and that by both divine grace and human efforts, we will support to usher in at all levels of goverment, more focused people coupled with the requisite knowhow in resource management and nation building, having a burning passion for a better and sustainable future for Nigerians.

Let eagerly and consciously await and fight for the replacement/refusal of any so called leader(s) who think leadership in Nigeria should be all about sharing the money, and looting the treasury, without fear.

We have come this far under very hard and most times unfortunate governance. However, Leadership and followership, we all need to change, no matter how little let’s make a positive change.

God Bless Nigeria.


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