No longer B.A.U

It’s become a tradition for me since I pick up interest in blogging, to always on the last day of each year in the last 3years now, write a short note that covers both my reflections for the out going year and my outlook for the incoming year. On this occassion due to lack of internet access on the 31st dec 2009 , I had to post this on the 2nd of Jan 2010, even though I wrote this in the early hours of the 31st .

For 2009, putting it simply, I can say I have had so many wonderful blessing that I am really grateful to my creator for. Taking a break from full time employment in 2008 and going back to school was not an easy task, although the challenges turned out to be interesting far more than I thought. Indeed this was one seeming mountain, I give God praise that in 2009 he brought me over it and saw me through.

In my moments of fear, pain, and tears only one thing kept me going my faith, hope and trust in God. 2009 indeed help me to see certain things come to pass successfully in my life that a few years back I would have thought where practically impossible. 2009 in retrospect has been a great and a good year for me, I didn’t get all I would have wanted, but I sure did learnt a lot and increased in knowledge and wisdom. Two critical elements I most certainly need in greater measure for the next phase and level in life.

Thinking of the New Year which births in a couple of hours, for me one thing that easily comes to mind is the phrase, (a time for sowing, and a time for reaping). 2010 I earnestly believe for me is a year of reaping, it’s a year of bringing in the harvest. The last 5years for me has seen a lot of sowing in many very important areas in my life and I believe without a shadow of doubt will cumulate into a bountiful harvest in the New Year. Expectations are high, yet reasonable. I know people still grapple with the fears in the world systems, from financial to the political system. However I do strongly believe that seeking the right and relevant information’s and strategically positioning oneself is defiantly one way to go in the 2010 to stay ahead.

In many ways I also see 2010 as a pinnacle; to stand on, look ahead and sow for the future and not just reaping from things sown in the past. It’s a good year to project for the next decade as an individual and also for a nation.

On a national level I will want to believe that for my homeland Nigeria as she marks 50 years of nationhood in 2010, many attainable short and long term developmental goals, in education, technological growth and knowledge based projects can and will be set in the New Year, all its takes is a commitment and the will.

All in all, I thank God the outgoing year, it’s been a great year for me, with many highs and lows, but through each one God has shown me his faithfulness in new and magnificent ways. My faith in the divine has been built up even more, yet I know that there still a large space for growth in my life in this walk, and work of faith. I know that there’s help for me in God, to keep on in faith, as it is written, “thou oh Lord are a shield for me, my glory and the lifter of mine head” thus I confidently enter into the New Year.

An absolutely wonderful feeling and one am totally grateful to God almighty for is this, that I entered the outgoing year and am ending it alive and healthy with all my family and with my friends, infact the year brought many increase. So it’s something I try to consciously not take for granted or ascribe its happening to chance, but in my quite time I reflect on it and in my little way show gratitude to God for this show of his love.

No doubt am excited about the Year 2010, for one thing my entire (if) in my vocabulary has change to (when), for I know that which I desire, and for that which I expect, it’s just in time, I sure will see them come to pass. It’s no longer business as usual (B.A.U).

On this note, I think I can say lets go ahead, lets open door number 2010, a whole lot of interesting, exciting, challenging and great thing lies beyond.


Happy 2010! Hoping all is well with you and yours and that you will update soon.

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