Youth not Oil

'Youth not oil is Nigeria’s most valuable resource', but sadly enough down South some politicians will arm youths for selfish purposes, up North religious bigots will also arm youths to propagate their own doctrine of terror. What we have is countless number of young Nigerians dieing at the end of the day, while these old and never changing evil men still enjoy more than the perks of political or religious power.

I used to be quite confident that the average educated Nigerian youth both north and south know better not to fall into the hands of Politician, or Religious bigot. But lately on most online forum or offline discuss where one will want to believe you can find very enlighten and objective views from youthful Nigerians, the reverse is mostly the case on most topics or tread you read or listen to concerning events or happenings in Nigeria.

If indeed 'Youths and not Oil is Nigeria’s most valuable resource' then its time the Nigerian youth wake up and stand for objectivity, leave tribal and religious bias alone , and be aware and ready to challenge politicians, religious leaders, etc when they start wiping ethnic or religious sentiments to favour their personal greed.

For me this is what I preach to my circle of influence


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