The Road Less Travelled.

Flying Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja is gradually becoming a routine and for someone who really use to love travelling by road. I must confess I now find it quite hard to go by road, even the barely three hours Port Harcourt to Warri ride is now a grind for me. But that’s one road I still must travel. However as for the Lagos, Ore to Benin road it will really take a while before I take a ride along that road again. It’s bad shape and crime ridden spots make it a really risky voyage for any living thing not just humans.

If I had my way, the money and patience for a court battle, I would sue the Government or the relevant agency for total neglect of that road for God knows how long now. You always see construction work going on along various sections of that road year on year but nothing seems to change at the end of the day. It’s gotten so bad I now hear that there’s a very bad spot on the road somewhere between Okada and Benin that is called “Aso Rock” it’s a well known spot where armed robbers attack and dispose innocent travellers of their money.

How ironic to call such a spot aso rock, who knows maybe thats what the real aso rock our seat of political power in Abuja now stands for. Anyway let’s leave that for another day ,after the Elections of April 2011 hopefully and God willing we will take stock to see if the rock has now really change to become a safe house or the plunder continues.

My prayer is that friends, family, loved ones and indeed everyone travelling that road and roads across Nigeria stay alive at the end of each journey.

What used to be a three hours or less drive from Lagos to Benin back in the days, now takes anything from 6 hrs to eternity. I truly and prayerfully too ,hope that someday and someday soon in the future I will re write this post am making today at 2.00am 18/03/2011 and say Thank God at last the Lagos,Ore , Benin road is in a safer and motorable condition.


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