National Death in National Service

Mother in agony and the her deceased son, Seun on national service

I seat and just imagine what a terrible a way to die it was for the Young Nigerians serving Nigeria in the North of the country under the National Youth Service (NYSC). After living a regimented life for 3 weeks in the orientation camp, with no electricity in the camp, the mosquitoes and insects bites , the endless hours of travelling from the South to the far North of Nigeria through the dangers of Nigerian road, and the struggle to get a place for primary assignments. Only to get killed by the very same community and people they had to go all through these hardships to serve. It just stirs up so much twisted emotions in me thinking about it

Now I believe it’s an honour to server ones country under a scheme like the NYSC, however I honestly believe that the idea that NYSC help national integration is nonsensical. You know the success of anything by measuring its impact, so if one must ask, what are the facts that NYSC has really further national integration?

I think if the scheme should still exit, its main focus should be “National Service” regardless of where a student offers that service to the Nation. Serving Nigeria in my village still don’t change the fact that I have served Nigeria and most likely would serve it better than if I was shacked up somewhere up North with the fear of some zealots/ home grown religious extremist waiting for the slightest opportunity to hack me down.

The recently murdered corp members died a terrible death, I served in the North West (Kebbi state) and other members of my family have served in Kastina and Sokoto, but thank God within that period no major conflict erupted. NOW! I will rather my siblings don’t serve the nation under the NYSC ,if they must be posted to the North.

The names of the deceased are: Teidi Tosin Olawale (from Osun State, BSc Computer Science); Nkwazema Anslem Chukwunonyerem (Imo State, HND Electrical Electronic Engineering), Okpokiri Obinna Michael (Abia State, BSc Environmental Management), Adowei Elliot (Bayelsa State, BSc Computer Science) and Adewunmi Seun Paul (Ekiti State, BSc, Social Sciences).

Others are Adeniji Kehinde Jehleel (Osun State, BSc Banking & Finance), Gbenjo Ebenezer Ayotunde (Osun State, BSc, Education Economics), Ukeoma Ikechukwu Chibuzor (Imo State, BSc Medical Microbiology) and Akonyi Ibrahim Sule (Kogi State, HND Business Administration)

May the souls of these Young Nigerians Rest In Peace.


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