Conspiracy or Not

I believe the recent fatal bomb blasts in Abuja -Nigeria and the level of violence seen in some Northern states of Nigeria, all of it  is not  really  born out of religious or ethnic intolerance,or  happening cause of  the much talked about  disconnect between the governed and the ruling class. Arguably all of these things mentioned are challenges faced today in Nigeria, however the bombing and recent violent actions of an extremist sect by the name Boko Haram who keeps claiming responsibilities for these attacks,is a different ball game. 

A somewhat valid theory being put forth in the public domain  especially via online sites and socila media is that : What Nigeria is facing today,"let's call it terrorist acts" are home grown acts of violence engineered from behind the scene by a few of the high and might persons within the so called ruling class(politicians). These ones  currently feel deprived of power "Political Power"  and are simply reacting.  
Make no mistake what started as a religious indoctrination of a group is now a handy tool for terror, destruction of the aggrieved  high and mighty folks.The Boko Haram sect or the group(s) of people carrying out these dastardly acts are being used to push an agenda beyond the much talked about Islamisation of the Northern states of Nigeria,and just the same way its was claimed that the Niger Delta struggles was hijacked along the line by  Southern politicians and criminals gangs alike. A theory is now put forth that its the same thing playing out in the North as an unknown Northern cabal is strongly backing this sect or groups. Unfortunately  this time around its Abuja,the National Capital that is fast becoming the main battle front, unlike the creeks of the Delta during the Niger Delta impasse. 

Politicians and all those who tested power in office, having a do or die appetite for political power to be domiciled within a particular region of Nigeria, have taken ready and available foot soldiers that has been in existence with little or no relevance over the years and have within so short a time turned them into a national head ache. The menace of the extremist sect in Northern Nigeria has grown in geometrical progression, since its purported crushing in 2009 by the late President Yaradua administration. 

What's the reason for this sudden resurrection and fiercer comeback particularly against Government targets by this particular sect?: its simple. They now have what I call a Political by out. Political element aggrieved by changes in the Nigerian polity must be aligning with this sect because it offers a ready made avenue to vent their displeasure, and amongst other things use violence and insecurity  to discredit the present Federal government structure that has  for the 1st time ever,saw an ethnic minority as president of Nigeria. 

A barrage of treats followed Presidents Jonathan's intention to run for office in 2011, if what's happening with the post election violence and spate of bombings is a direct executions of these treats? Honestly I don't know, its yet a challenged left for the security and intelligence agencies to ascertain. However certain interests aggrieved by the tipping of the political power scale are most probably behind the mayhem being experienced in Abuja. Nigeria is a country where certain individual have amassed so much wealth,and as a result of this much financial power and a larger than life status, It could rightly be said these men are untouchables. Not all of these untouchables would want to play godfather in determining who has a  grasp of political power , but also not every single one of them won't. This leave's off a dangerous few or many of Nigeria's untouchables that are now bent on causing mayhem via any means possible, just to un tip the political power scale in their favour. 

As much a conspiracy theory as this all sound, the truth if not so, is equally not far off from this. Mr. John Campbell the former US ambassador to Nigeria,made a doomsday prophecy concerning the nation Nigeria disintegrating. Now, why I believe that Mr Campbell is not right in all his assumptions and theories on Nigeria, I also submit that the issues he raised on political power divide in Nigeria has some semblance of truth to it.  

Nigeria stands a good chance of being a United country regardless of the ethnic and religious difference. The main issue today is how politicians, religious leaders and possible foreign elements exploit these difference and use it to further their own agendas and interests, while masquerading it as a particular regional agenda. 

I think for Nigerians to even start seeing an end to this, then it becomes so important that public out cry  and open condemnation of these kind of acts, be a continuous and persistent thing by all people of good will. Enough of this life goes on attitude after every bomb attack, and disappointing statements  by those in authority such as " Terrorism is a global plague now and maybe its Nigerians turn to face terrorist acts" or using words like " we are on top of the situation" only for security to go to sleep concerning protection of lives and properties of the average Nigerian, while security of those in Government and that of the high and might is continually beefed up 

At the same time I believe that by letting the security agencies do their jobs to the fullest and not listening to  the cry of witch hunting or being politically persecuted by those found culpable, is a critical steps towards  justice and unearthing the mystry behind all these violence around the country,maybe then we would start seeing the truth of the situations as it really is. Far too often its the evil ones in our society that always end up hiding behind the clock of being politically persecuted. 

Until there is a collective amongst the majority of well meaning Nigerians of different faiths and tribe to continuously speak out against the evil in our land and the evil men of our faiths and tribes. Until the leaders in North, East, West and South of Nigeria-( political, social, religious and economic circles) become honest and willing enough to speak out against the actions of this sects, militants, and corrupt leaders  and security treats and not fold arms and watch  or blame the Government. Only then can this current growing state of uncertainty  seen almost  on a daily basis might start receding in some way. 

Nigerians need to stop having this passive attitude and short memory for heinous crimes committed by so called political class,groups,sects and what ever name they chose to go by .Today a friend of mine living in Abuja complained using her facebook profile update that she was frisked for bomb before allowed into a Church premises today 28 August 2011: My response to her was this. Dear Friend, in another month security checks will go back to sleep. So don't worry it won't last too long cause that's Nigeria for you. A Short memory,short span for outrage and commanding  the bomb attacks and things go back to normal, until the next blast. Just check updates on facebook in the last hour today, its agog with English Football League match from all and sundry in Nigeria, but after the attack on Friday only a few  Nigerians on Facebook even bother to condemn the act  using their voice via Facebook.  God help us sincerely. 


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