The Real OccupyNigeria Quest

As we OccupyNigeria, people and politicians with personal grudges against President Jonathan should not be allowed to hijack these protest, but Nigerians must make it clear, these remonstration is about change that goes beyond just the reversal to the market price of unsubsidized fuel, rather MOST IMPORTANTLY it should include a call for an end to the killings around the nation, we must demand security be restored across the country.

No Christian should be killed because of his faith or ethnicity, no Muslim should be killed because of his faith or ethnicity. If we can protest and cry out because of an increase in the pump price of PMS, we certainly can show concern, empathy and should be able to even cry even louder against the senseless killing of innocent men, women and children at various places of worship, and against the treat to lives of southerners in the north and northerners in the south.

All forms of cabal, corrupt officials or Nigerians with financial crime cases to answer in courts, we must begin to see them stand trail and be served justice and not bail but rather (guilty or not guilty verdicts). 

This present government no doubt has a lot of enemies from outside and from within trying to frustrate all its efforts, it should not pick a fight with the Nigerian people over subsided fuel thus making this most needed support structure an enemy.

Nigerians must begin now! to start letting politicians know that 2015 is way too far, we will let them know their faith years before re-election based on current performance.

God Bless Nigeria


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