From 2013 into 2014

Just like that, it’s the end of 2013. It’s indeed been an incredible year, so much happened, the good, bad and the downright ugly. As the year ends am thankful for the blessings of life and the blessings of preservation for me, my entire family and friends far and near.  I have continued in this tradition of having reflections about the outgoing year and outlook for the incoming year,as my last post for the year.

In my home country the level of insecurity in 2013 was worrying but God Kept Us, from burglars to armed robbers, terrorist, kidnappers, and militants of all sorts as they unleased evil, while the security agencies continue to try its best to contain this raging madness of “unreasonable men”. 

Government and social corruption continues to digs its paws deep into our political and social fabric. While almost everyone complains of this particular ill, it yet seems as the day go by corruption is becoming a way of life for most. How do we fight this raging wave that possibly can sweep this nation into a 21st century abyss?  I don’t have the answer but this much I know, don’t wait for change to come from the president or all the people in government at all levels that we consider are holding the nations common wealth in trust, or should I say failed trust. I am confident though that for every man in government, outside of government,rich,poor,religious or non-religious man who desires to be that true change that we desire regardless of the seeming darkness in our system, will and can make a change. All it takes is the unwavering desire to just do right.

Twenty 13 was a busy, challenging and thankfully a rewarding year. On the job the task seemed endless, but it was handled with relish. Having the right mind set, mental attitude was as important as having the right work environment. I think growth, increase, success call it whatever you want in  your(faith, spirituality, profession family life etc.), is one of the most satisfying and at the same time motivating experiences. I can say despite all the ups and down, 2013 still presented me with satisfying and motivational moments that I am grateful for and believe is leading me into 2014, wiser and stronger.

So many journeys’ so many places and I consider it a blessing to go out each day and have a home to come back to safely and rest, ready for yet another day. For some reason I decided to keep all my boarding passes for flights in 2013, a few days ago I  took stock and it was 17 local flights done and 4 international flights.. wow.., probably might have similar number of flights in the year Twenty 11 and 12 but I didn't really keep a log of all my travel by air back then and may not even do same in 2014. Looking at the number of flights done in 2013, all I can just say is thank you Jesus. Thank you for me, my family, friends, and colleagues, for every single of our Journeys I acknowledged your refuge.

My actual boarding passes and passport

2014, not just another year, but one Lord God has preserved for us and as an act of my will I chose to rejoice and be glad in it. It holds is opportunities, its challenges, its highs and its lows but my faith reside in HE who holds the year and set the times, the seasons and even the chances of life. I see a year of major decisions personally and even for my home country.  Godly confidence will inspire self-confidence to run this race further, better, wiser and in clearer focus.  
Thank you Lord for a new day, a new year.. 2014 let’s do this,walk this way. 

Walk This Way


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