Nigeria Decides 2015

So finally its the D-Day- 28th of March 2015, Nigeria General Elections has commenced ,despite the barrage of issues from the national security situation necessitating election postponement by 6weeks,to  the sometimes highly provocative campaigns/near hate speeches and outright ridiculous propaganda by political parties and not forgetting the much debated poor level or preparation and readiness of the electoral body (INEC),the Elections are now upon  us, and soon this too,shall pass. 

Personally I have refused to make public who I will vote for,and now that I have voted I still refuse to make that public. However I did  publicly express some of  my views  on the two main contenders for the Presidential seat, especially using social media platform .

By and large from where I voted and the much I could follow and monitor the  election locally and nationally via Tv, feedbacks from family and friends in other parts and from social media. I can  say Nigerians have voted with so much enthusiasm,sense of civic responsibility, and a greater sense of going through a democratic elections without the normalized political fear we have been used to.  However the election is not without its lapses and ugly occurrences where violence still struggled to rear its head, but gladly Nigerians are still moving forward in  this very keenly contested election.

As we wait for the collation of results over the next day since elections are still holding on Sunday the 29th as approved by INEC in areas where elections could not hold today. My prayer and expectation is that when the results are announced and winners and losers have emerged, may the politicians,their followers and voters will be matured enough and for the love of country,accept the results or follow the right channels to seek redress where they feel the electoral process was flawed. 

Life will and must go on after the elections, Nigeria as a nation and Nigerians as a people are maturing in the democratic process of elections and the interest in participating in who govern our nation is at an all time high. Hopefully Nigeria's politicians will start recognizing that service to the people is the reward for election or re-election. 

I am trusting that the Governments at Federal and State levels that comes into power after all the elections will be graced with the zeal, wisdom,senses of handwork/responsibility and make the sacrifices required to navigate Nigeria out of the stormy weather of economic and security challenges.  

My Experience Nigeria Decides 2015  

8.00am -PVC check+,peaceful environment check+,polling station check+,candidates to vote check+. #‎Nigeriadecides‬ 

10.00am -Polling Station (Ward 20) @inecnigeria official finally arrives,2 hours late ‪#‎Nigeriadecides‬ 

12.00pm -Accredited to vote check+ #‎Nigeriadecides‬ 

 5.00pm Finally Voted, check+. 

May the best man for Nigeria win.


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