Crossing Over 2015 to 2016

So we are here again, it's the last day of the year 2015, I woke up a bit early, no thanks to the power company for the usual power outage, but no worries the outside early morning temperature is a bit cold than normal so thanks to the harmattan season,I decided to seat and watch the day break.

What an amazing way to start the last day of the year, to take this brief moment in time, feel the breeze outside, watch the darkness of night give way to the brightness of day, see the misty morning clear up, hear the birds, chirp sing, even twitter and the cock crow - and just say "I thank you Jesus, it's a blessing to be alive.

I don’t get to do this often because not every morning turns out to be this quiet and a bit peaceful but thankfully this morning is devoid of the blaring of countless power generators, so I decided to capture this rear serenity of this morning with a short one minute video.

They say time fly's, I couldn't agree more, I still remember the events of the last day of 2014 as I sat and tried to write down my thoughts for the year closing and the new one about to start-and just like a  flash, am here again in the morning of the last day of 2015 doing same - not that it's guaranteed, but I can now somehow almost see myself on the last day of 2016 writing another post and it makes me think, like the song says " time keeps on slipping, slipping into the future".

For me I always tend to look at the past, while projecting into the future, simply because today becomes yesterday once we enter tomorrow - it's all intertwined the past, present and future, however I learn to know what to leave in the past and what to take along with me into the future.  Allow me to ask myself the question, so what is the passing, and soon to be past 2015 been like for me, ?

In all honesty, I think it was good, no I take that back, I know it was good to me - I sincerely asked for a good year, and I got a good year, despite all the predictions of doom and burst economically, politically, socially etc. I had goodness.

They type not necessarily based on what I did or didn't achieve, but the type of goodness that only the grace of God bestows. I think more this year, I matured in many areas of my life, and I now tend to face my fears well ahead of time, even before I get there. The joy of waking up daily with a task to pursue, a purpose to discover and the abundance of God’s grace to face the real issues of life,win,lose and keep going – I say these helped define what I count as goodness for me in the year 2015.

This year I still struggled with my "weakness”  I made that word bold intentionally so you get the idea, I don't deny they exist but I know daily I strive and rejig my efforts at getting better at being my true self, allow me borrow the words of the musician Brad Terrence Jordan aka (Scarface) “am a man and am not perfect, that’s a poor excuse that’s not  working"

The outlook for – 2016 – is an exciting year, busy year, a year to dare more, a year of yet another journey of self, improvements, daily soul searching and diligent, relentless and deliberate spiritual and personal development and growth. Staying the path, running the race, laying hold on the purposes and demands of my existence- working that assignment - walking that road introspectively.

For my country Nigeria, I have always held hope that it would get better, we have a new government – we voted with high expectations and changed an incumbent president – for a desperation to see some real change for good in our nation – we have a new government, but I think we are just realising that change, real change is a journey, a long and sometime torturous one. My ernest prayers for the leadership of my country Nigeria is the wisdom, patience and courage to navigate Nigeria to a steady part, a part of real change – a change for the good of all people.

The gratitude of entering a year, ending that year and starting the new one with every member of your family, friends, and colleagues alive is really beyond the words, it’s a deep expression of thankfulness to the creator, giver and preserver of life. We live in a world of many forms of violence,diseases, man made carnage and natural disaster – I know God indeed gives his angels charge over us, and surely God your mercy has kept us and will keep us still in 2016.

Thanks to all the people who make my life beautiful, thanks to that one person who bear my idiosyncrasies the most – she is one, half of this man. So as I head out to church to spend the last hours of New Year’s Eve, and enter into the year 2016 in a joyous, blessed atmosphere – as I stand on the threshold of a new beginning- Lord I pray, when you speak let me hear, understand and walk therein.

2016 lets go !          


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