Crossover 2016 into 2017

Thankfully it's the end of another 365Days, its 31st December 2016 and am on the road with family on a road trip back to London after spending some time with family friends living in Margate, Kent United Kingdom. 

My Song Of Praise 

Writing this sparks up nostalgia, because the first and only time I  have had to make my year's end blog post from outside my home country was in December 31st 2008. Then I was studying in the UK and spent the Christmas holiday with same family members, then living in Edinburgh in Scotland. Eight years later this family has grown in number by two wonderful,smart and loving beings, I chose to call them Marky and Awesomezizi.

Well Me, I have grown too, surely and steadily - married to a wonderful and beautiful friend,patiently waiting on my own blessings of children someday and in the last 7 years doing a job that's been a blessing,helping and serving people searching for quality higher education in the same institution where I  once studied  over 9 years ago.

Today as the last day of the year I continue in my tradition of writing just a few words in my own way to reflect on the out going year and look forward to the new year 2017.

2016 - my God! what a year it's been, filled with so much challenges and yet, tremendous blessing too. 2016 had some low points, and experiences that am certain would leave an impression for a very,very,very long time to come.

While I remain grateful to God almighty for seeing  me, my family, my friends and colleagues through such a difficult year economically especially for Nigeria and Nigerians   -

My still heart goes out to those who are ending the year without a loved one they started  the year with from a friend whose dad passed on very early in 2016,to my wonderful pastor who's beautiful and angelic wife - passed on to greater glory and to the entire family/ friends of a dear friend (Nom Habu) who sadly passed on two weeks to the end of the year 2016, his passing is still a great shock, I hope someday I can find the strength to do a blog post in your honor my friend..

No matter how shocking some of these passing were to me especially that of My pastors wife and my friend what leaves a stronger impression is this - they ran their race, and they completed the course - question is this -Me!,You !  and Us! still running,- How well are you running the race called life? 

Reflections : On a national level, I personally felt in 2016, Nigeria was on standstill, I can't say for certain if this present government was sincerely making efforts to deliver on the "change" it promised - or like governments before it, they are just a "self serving government" -  us first, and the people last - well time would tell, if they would prove my skepticism wrong and I sure hope and pray they do.

On a global scale the world is changing, for some reason I believe the battle between forces of good and those for evil is becoming more glaring day by day, I am not talking of just wars, or carnage of terrorism - but also that unseen agenda to dispel truth - replace it with shades, to tear down absolutes and replace it with a gray zone embedded in so called "correctness".The global media and most, if not all the forces driving popular culture to me has already taken sides in this war -here and now I won't say much- but  if you can see what I see, then it's easy to know where you stand, but my stance is this - watch, pray but don't forget to engage - "what good is light is its hidden under a bushel ,but on a candlestick so those who enter can see" . 

What will 2017 hold, I honestly can say I don't know, but this much I know and sincerely pray to the God of all creation, the holder of time,places and events for 2017.

I pray for me, every member of my family ,every single one of my friends and their family - my country Nigeria, the states where I live,and work - I ask that 2017 be better than 2016, that the afflictions and lows of the year ending never arise again in 2017 and beyond, I pray for the grace to keep us strong in our low points and the joy to carry us through all the highs. I pray every life is lived and none is lost,I pray for the blessing of new friendships and opportunities, I pray that my hand find and build resources and never lack in giving. I ask for peace of mind, healthy mind and body for all - and may all our travels be worth it and safe in- our goings and our comings.    

It's a cold evening, typical of the British weather at this season , but as I countdown the final hours into another year of life,grace,mercies ,protection and provision - I ask for the grace to take it one day, at a time - to keep my eyes and my heart stayed on you Jesus Christ ( The center of it all ) for me - It's our best year yet, it is. Amen . I am a person of faith - not just a religious person. 

The crossover,we enter by the cross ( the Blood),for we overcame by the cross (Blood). The shed blood of Christ Jesus


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