Out of the lips of children and young people

A friend sent me this video above on WhatsApp , video is credited to (Venture Africa). incase you can't view it. It's a video of school kids giving their impression of the Government and how to make the country better

Below was my response as we chatted

[Me, 1:23 PM]  It's unfortunate that we moved from a bad and a failing government, to one that seems not to know what it's doing for almost two years now.

[Me, 1:24 PM]  Whether President Buhari is sincere or not, is not the issue now but if we must be honest with ourselves, his style is more trial by error

[Me, 1:27 PM] Obviously Mr president or his political party, pre 2015 general elections over promised and post 2015 elections are now under delivering. No thanks to a suppressed oil price and the myriad of problems plaguing  Nigeria. However the sad part is this, when you promise people you raise their hopes, and this government not only promised they in my own opinion took promising into over drive and shamefully too many Nigerians yours truly included, had unrealistic expectations.So now that delivery is way below expectations - we act surprised.

[Me, 1:28 PM]  Bitter truth, it cuts both ways, -  bad leadership, worse fellowship.


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