Make Your Life A Blessing (Friendships)

Make your life a blessing, meet people and make them better,and if for any reason you have to  leave people, then leave them better than you met them. Use all that's been given you to make the world and not just your world a better place.

Sometimes friendships pick us and not us really picking our friends, you meet few people in  your lifetime that you like,trust or love genuinely and remain grateful that your life parts crossed, even as you continue to look forward to what would be in that friendship.

You are not called to everyone that's my basic understanding , but to those you have been called to and even those you have not been called to,let your life still be a blessing.

I just watched live Mark Zuckerberg, make the commencement speech 25May 2017 at Harvard University ,its shockingly inspiring, how one man's mind can phantom changing the world  by always having a higher sense of purpose that goes beyond self. That to me is gospel,a believe beyond fear or failure, stripping them both of their powers over you and using your humanity for good.

That's why a diminished sense of self centeredness is a strong  attractions for me in human relationships, because in this case like attracts like, unlike magnetic attraction -where like pole repels.

I always urge people if you find yourself in a space,group etc never be part of that "crabs in a barrel" attitude- never pull people down to get on top or past them but seek to build up people ,for in life everything rises or falls on relationships.

As for me, my friends may be few, but I like my friendships. I want to believe I chose to trust my friends,and I try to be committed to my friends, if I do this 100% for selfless or unselfish reasons every single time,well  that I am not so sure of but this much I know with all certainty, that whatever I do in friendship, I do for good.
That being said, I also know that humans will be humans for as they say,  knowing the purpose of something helps creates true happiness, so likewise when the purpose of anything including good,honest,open, friendships/relationships is not understood, abuse is inevitable.


"may the sources of  all strength who's  blessed the one before us, help us find the courage to make our lives a blessing"


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