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Every now and then I eat out,but I always say "nothing  as good as a home cooked meal",and today with the wife out of town I told me -"no eat out"so despite the rains this evening on my way home from work I braved it into a typical "rowdy" port harcourt market, one of the many places I normally wouldn't go, not even if dragged by a leash.

Well,this evening the voice in my head said,quit the whimpering boy!, you either go into that market and cook you a meal or you end up eating indomi and fried egg a - "that home made easy junk food" 💭 - this time I listened to the voice of reason,cause I think I have had one indomi too many already. 

I stopped by the market, did my shopping, and went home to do my cooking all by myself and now am documenting it on my blog and sharing for posterity sake. Been a while since I cooked but incase you don't know, am good with the cooking, yeah! am a chef like that,bet I could run the cooking channel if they let me, or probably teach Gordon Ramsey a thing or two.

Cooking Plantain Porridge

If you want to try my recipe for Plantain Porridge, follow these instructions, - get Plantains, (not ripe/or unripe ) somewhere in between, Green vegetables preferably pumpkin leaves aka (Ugu), slightly smoked fish, stock fish bits, my spices of choice are, blended crayfish, and dry grounded chill pepper with seeds, and some salt with a knorr cube to spice it all up. 

(step1) a bit of water in the pot and allow it to heat up for like five minutes, (step2) , put the diced plantains, allow to cook for another 2 to 3 minutes, don't cook for too long. (step3) . Add your vegetables (use loads of vegetables cause pumpkin leaves shrink once they get into hot water) - stir slightly and after about a minute or two (step4) add your spices, stir some more and allow to steam before adding your smoked fish and stock fish bits(soften stock fish with hot boiling water) - allow some time and add just a bit of red palm oil - give a very good stir, and taste to be sure all spices and salt are in right proportion. (final step) Now allow to seat on the stove and cook with the pot  lid closed for a minute and half. Once done, allow the some steam off  and then  serve - steaming hot...

Goes down well with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice or a bottle of water and some old Congo music  today I had on my dinner time playlist OK Jazz the congolese old school highlife

...Bon Appétit. - evening well spent.. 


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