The KweseTv, Revolution

Over a year ago I stopped my subscription to Dstv a local satellite Tv  entertainment provider and never watched them again since then, the axe I was grinding was that ,they are monopolistic, rigid with their product offerings & in my opinion overpriced.

I had settled for what I considered a much cheaper options, via view on demand platforms like,Netflix, & Google movies,theres are not your traditional Tv channel and I believe they have even changed my TV viewing habits for the better. Last year when I made a post on this same matter, Isaid maybe when Strive Masiyiwa lunches KweseTv then there  might be some form of competition.

Now, KweseTv has lunched in most countries across Africa and so sooner or later I believe Dstv monopoly will be facing some competition. I am  hoping the TV viewing market space don't go from monopoly to oligopoly, (sorry for the economic jargon,just trying to show my tuition fee was well worth it. 😂 ) but seeing KweseTv products offering oligopoly is most likely not the case for now, maybe they may change, let's wait and see.

Their decoders are cheaper, subscription way less, and offers both VoD online streaming and regular decoder / satellite dish with subscription for daily, week, and monthly pricing - so it looks like they are ready to compete and not collude with Dstv. 

Question now is ,let's see if Dstv would make a move and adjust their subscription price or at least improve  on their product offerings.

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