Ogle is 11years today

It's 11 years now I started blogging , this blog I named OGLE, acronym for (one goal leave empty) which to me means achieve all you are set to achieve before your time here on planet earth is up. This blog thus,  has remained a place for me to share  a few of my thoughts,opinions,projections and experiences on a wide range of of issues and divers topics.

I have chosen to largely remain incagnito,  save for a few family and friends who know its me and  read this blog,I have remained in the shadows.

My motivation for starting to write on a blog is  largely  just to simply just document some events,personal, shared or other people's experiences and my opinions. I never intend to prove anything via this blog, it's just my personal space for escape online from time to time. So I write when I feel like writing, am not under a schedule or under any compulsion to write to any particular audience -so when I do write I can write and say what I want, how I want and If anyone happens to read, leave a comment, agree, disagree, or dislike my writeups  for that am grateful, because I was not hunting for comments, followership, when I  started and it remains so till this day, and neither was my intent to do commercial blogging  this was not and is still not my main drive for blogging.

Never imagined I would be blogging this long but after 11years now,  I believe am in it for the long haul, so as long as I can I keep writing about me, anything  and everything. Then Ogle, will always have well thought out readable content.

Strange as it sounds I read this blog and obviously read other blogs with real life stories /issues. Reading from blogs is one of my many past time activities, come to think of no wonder I stay home almost all weekends, because I do loads of reading online.

My sincere gratitude to (Google) blogger.com for the free space to dump this online and 11 years after its still here at no cost to me. Hats off to Goggle


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