Eagle Eye Driver

Uber driver doing about 70 /80km/hr, on beautiful stretch of the Abuja airport road,the capital city of Nigeria, without any timely warning this bike man (motorcycle rider)  cuts from left to right,on a major highway with loads of cars zooming past on top speed. 

We held our breath, driver slightly slowed and veered  left - it was a near miss, a very, very near miss in inches. 

The driver's good reflexes and driving skill helped and he avoided running the bike man and his passenger over. It's not visible on the slow-motion part of this cam video, but I could see  how "wild with fear"  the passengers was as she turned around to see if this was probably her last moment.

Glad and thankful this accident never happened, cause even when you didn't do anything wrong and a fatal accident happens, without any physical injuries on your side, you're probably still scarred for life, when a life is lost on the other side.  

  #Drive Safe, Stay Alert...


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