Getting my Grove Back - "read a book"

I have always been an avid reader of Books"hard or soft cover Books", however in the last couple of years I have to admit my reading habit of Books has been all but good enough. 

It's something I love to do but I lay the blame on not doing it, on me being either too busy but that's not all the truth, cause I have somehow moved on to reading more digital materials, especially reading stuff online. 

This, in the last two years just to catch up on some more formal type of reading of Books and other text, I would have loved to read, I joined Audible by Amazon to get audio Books and listen to them instead .

 I reasoned,if for now am too busy or more like  "lazy" to read a Book cover to cover,then I might as well, have it being read to me.

So I invested in Audible, and have since gotten some really great audio Books over a wide range of subjects, and issues from motivational book, to books on digital media, books on child birth, comic books and even the Holy Bible dramatized. Some of these I have listened to others still in my Audible library yet untoched.  

Audible has this great plan were for each month I get charged just about 15 dollars monthly and I can download one Book for that price, outside other books I might have purchased.

Sound's like a good plan to Amazon because even months I don't buy any other book they can still sort of still "force sell" me one book for that $15 monthly subscription.

As good and smart this plan sounds to the smart guys at Amazon Audible. It's this same plan, eventually made me cancel my Audible subscription. 

First I bought some audio Book and still got to download one Book monthly. Eventually it got to a point I had more downloaded books than I can listen to,so my thought was,what's the point getting charged  $15 monthly and having audio books that am yet to listen to. I will rather buy and listen to a book, when I want and just have a one time subscription fee.

So I broke up with Audible at least temporarily until am able to listen to all the books and items I have in my Audible library.

So in my usual way of finding a sense of humour where ever I can. I rewrote this, song when they sent me this email. 

Let's just kiss,sorry I mean  "Read and say Goodbye". 

Books The Good-ol Way.

On the other hand,I might have slowed down on my hard copy "cover to cover "Book reading - but I never stopped buying books.

It's something I love to do and can't give up on. So I have continued to buy books because I knew,someday I will go back to reading and enjoying a book the good old way. Holding a book not an electronic device and reading. I love the way technology is changing everything, but my motto is, I want the best of both worlds " "digital and analog ", "manual and automatic " "physical and spiritual"

I have built up quite a library in this buying period. 

Good thing now is that over the last few months, am getting my grove back one book at a time.

I have started reading again,reading Books in hard copy,cover to cover the good ol way.  

I just now completed reading the Epilogue and last pages as I lie in bed with the book,

"Heaven is for Real" by  Todd Burpo "

before making this blog post.

Interestingly I read all 27 chapter of this book cover to cover whilst on planes traveling between,cities over a couple of times.

Now I have sowed it to my little nephew an avid reader like his mama (my kid sister), who not only loved reading while we were growing up, but she even tried her hands at writing.

The next book am already reading is THE FOUR By Scoot Galloway

From some of the few book titles here, that my reading covers a wide subject  spectrum, from fiction,to biography, self development books,topical issues , to spiritual development  books and even on Business, Science and Technology.

I leave you with some - Excerpt from my current read" The Four By Scott Galloway

"The four horsemen, Appel,Amazon,Facebook and Google ,responsible for an array of products and services that are entwined into the daily lives of billions of people. We invite them into the most intimate areas of our lives, we willingly divulge personal updates, knowing they  will be used for profit. How did these companies aggregate so much power? how can an inanimate, for profit enterprise become so deeply ingrained in our psyche that it reshapes the rules of what a company can do and be? "

AMAZON.As the online retailer of choice for most American and increasingly the world , Amazon eases the pain of drudgery, getting stuff you need to survive.No great effort :no hunting, little gathering, just one clicking. 

APPLE.It mimics religion with its own belief systems , objects of has become the most profitable company in history,the equivalent is an auto firm with the margins of Ferrari and the production volumes of Toyota 

FACEBOOK. As measured by adoption and usage,Facebook is the most successful thing in the history of humankind. 7.5 billion people in the world and 1.5 billion have a daily relationship with Facebook. One of every six minutes online is spent on Facebook and one in five minutes spent on mobile is on Facebook 

GOOGLE. Google is a modern man's god. It's our source of knowledge -ever present , aware of our deepest secrets , reassuring us where we are and where we need to go , answering questions from trivial to profound .What rabbi, priest, scholar, or coach has so much gravitas that he or she is presented with that many questions never asked before of anybody? Who else inspires so many queries about the unknown from all corners of the world?

What are the horsemen's sins? 

You want to know? Then read the book.


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