un-Socially Pastor

To my socially unaware Christian and most importantly, friend, Mr. Pastor.

Social Media is on melt down about what you are and who you represent, everyone has an opinion on the good, the bad and the down right ugly things about your believe system,but to you the socially ignorant but pure being,it really does not matter.

A message to Pastor.

Pastor, You are not active on social media, you are too busy Abi? And am not talking about having a page or profile , am talking about the contents of your thoughts and divine insights being populated online.

Let me ask you a question?
Do you even know what #metoo means? Oh,I see you want to now go to almighty Google to seek for an answer now, right ?

You still pay millions to air church service broadcasts on Tv don't you?

Your awed flocks and in some cases your sense of entitlement by virtue of your exalted position, and office puts you right up there with, "man-made gods".

You will never share your glory with anybody, almighty pastor, that is your name.

Well, listen up.

The battle line has been drawn long ago, you even preach this don't you? You say the fight is not physical, it's spiritual. Most time or even probably all of the time, you never see a spirit, you just feel it's effect or presence.

Along came a "spirit " but #youtoo called it social media like everyone else, so for you, social media is just a tool for young people to waste their time posting pictures,videos,gossiping, and doing useless, sinful, earthly things.

You are right you know, but you are also too dumb to see this as a new vehicle of communication, an open space for ideas, a tool of opinion, a white field, a battleground for shaping and reshaping thoughts, a tool that can gave even the weakest a strong voice.

So while you continue to sit on your self-righteous high horse, and turn up your nose on those so call people "wasting" time on social media. This space has been taken up and owned inch by inch by some who call to question the good, bad, and ugly versions of you Mr.Pastor, and oh they didn't leave out your faith and your God too.

As you fail to engage this city to give it both light and taste as a salt of the earth,those who make legalistic, idealistic, intelligent sounding opinion and propagate this as superior argument against you and your theology that rest on an intangible thing as "Faith", have now grabbed the space making it a one way street, with shades of gray zones.

The wisdom in foolishness is irresistible, so for many and even amongst your flocks, they can't find their voice,when shades are thrown on Bible believes online, and with what you hold sacred now bouts of daily jokes, either hide your face or just like and retweet while even the very word of The Savior Jesus Christ, is not spared this venom being poured out.

As You seat pretty, wear your Sunday best, turn up your speaker loud even in residential neighborhoods, sing , dance  and condemn the condemned? The world keeps on changing because of social media and you know it not.

Pastor, can you now recognise that in Nigeria today, Yes Nigeria not the Western world, Nigerian society is fast changing,there are young people who are either fed up with Church,left the faith or very disillusioned &; unlike folks of old " horse who can be saddled", these kids today are influencers and the influenced "they are zebras they won't let you saddle them". The fact that they and the horses look alike,don't mean they think and act alike.

So armed with technology and looking the Church right smack in the eyes, they are asking questions &; more so on a platform that can provide  "answers". The same platform you have all,but banished to Hell.

If you want to start engaging the space , I see a few voice, of reason  engaging  on the social media wilderness and one who's been doing this for the faith  is not even a pastor -see LEKE ALDER.


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