The Customers , Serve & Care.

Poor customer service is usual with many businesses locally (public & private ) from the Bank, to government offices, from waiting at the till in a supermarket to checking in for a flight or even having your parcels delivered to you, goods & service providers can treat you like they are doing you a favor for bringing business and your money to their organization.

So when I get great customer service, it's sometimes worth documenting it here and recommending that service provider to You!.

This week I want for a quick lunch at Nkoyo, a restaurant at Ceddi Plaza Abuja, Nigeria.

Made my order and lunch was served promptly, I couldn't wait to chow down since I skipped breakfast.

Just as I started chowing for some reason it turned out I  didn't like the fish I ordered, nothing really wrong with it, might just be the way it's marinated or all the spices didnt seat too well on my inside.

So I nibbled on it and downed the side dish, a plate of jollof rice and three slices of plantain, leaving the fish largely untouched.

I asked for my bill, the waitress looked at my plate and asked if anything was wrong, I said no, I didn't just like the fish. She asked if I  had it before, I said Yes, here and at Arugugu one of their branch restaurants.

She apologized, I said no problem at all, just get the bill and your POS machine. She leaves comes back and says my madam said would you like something else, I said no am good, just get me the bills.

She came back with the bill and said my madam said: "you don't need to pay for the food, just pay for the drink". I was like, are you sure? I don't mind paying oh, and am not angry.  She said no it's fine since you didn't enjoy the meal, my madam insists you don't pay.

I said alright! then, Thank you very much. 

You guys are far too kind, this is unusual but great customer service, many customers before me and after me would enjoy that same fish,as I know I  can be strange with food sometimes, but they cared enough that I couldn't just eat the fish even though it was not their fault  and am not even a regular.

So If that's not great customer service, then I wonder what is?

If you crave great food in a spot with a beautiful ambiance and excellent customer service, visit  Nkoyo Restaurant, @  Ceddi Plaza Abuja, Nigeria.

Highly recommended .Cheers 🍷


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