Are We Under the Ten Commandments

Whilst it is true that we are neither sanctified nor justified by the law, it is also true that Jesus will reject those who He calls "workers of lawlessness". Jesus comandment was to love God and our neihbour. And when it comes to the later, Jesus said love your neighbour as yourself. But how do we love God in ways that are acceptable to Him? Caine reasoned that the method of his worship would be acceptable to God, for he had love for God, and made his sacrifice to God with a clean concience and a heart filled with gratitude and love towards God. Still, God refused to accept it because it was not done in accordance with Gods instructions. It was not even a 'law' by this stage, but it was an instruction nonetheless. One can say that while Caine came with the right attitude otherwise, it was not one of obedience. And it was the lack of obedience that caused not only the doewnfall of his parents, but also caused God to say, why be upset? You know that if you do what is required, I will acept your sacrifice just as I have that of your brother Able... I believe that whilst it is true that we are saved by grace alone, we really do need to have a heart of obedience towards God, and as such we should not suppose that we can ignore His law. But rather we should submit to His holy law, just as we have been told to submit one to another.


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