Just this morning I had a Heated argument with some of my colleagues at work, who said “like it or not IBB, is NIGERIA’S next PRESIDENT”.
Its they opinion and they are free to voice it out, but its Not going to happen. Why? Well let me explain.
As it stands now, most people say, Vote or not, someone like IBB can become the next president of this country, I somewhat agree.But let’s not forget one thing, GOD still exist and HE sure rules over the affairs of men. So if one man, and his fellow Evil genius, think they can fool over 100 million people and do that twice in our life time, they must be out of their mind, Infact they are out of there minds. God the creator of the heaven and the earth, will surely be the last one to judge on this matter.
How can IBB, say he wants to rule this same country, he ones ruled 8 good yrs and left it for the worse?, how can he say he wants to rule a country he failed to appear before its reconciliation commission to defend himself?, how can IBB be genuine enough to want to be the Next President and he fails to account for his RIGHT OR WRONG DEEDS, while in office?, How can IBB say he wants to rule over us again.. And he not for once put up a fight when ABACHA was turning NIGERIA into ABACHA NIGERIA LIMITED,. The same God that stepped in 1998, and saved this Country. Will surely save us come 2007. People are praying, regardless of religious affiliations, and what we are asking God, is to save Nigeria...Not IBB save Nigeria, and my sincere faith in this is that God will Give us that good leader, if its IBB we will see, if not we also see.
People, if you are Passionate about us having a good leadership come 2007, a change for the better for our dear country Nigeria, then lets pray, and lets do the right thing to our conscience by voting, if they rig, let them rig... GODS watching.


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