It's All A Part of LIFE

Today began like any normal day , it rained most part of the night so the whole place looks messy and wet as is usually the case in Port Harcourt when ever it rains.

Got to work, thinking ,Yes! its another day,a thousand and one things to do, got immersed in work and then much later started trying to fill out a application form for a credit facility from a bank.

Then suddenly came the news via a senior member of staff, that STOPPED time for a moment.

“ Mr CY is dead!”  Shouts and cries filled the entire office, its not true, oh my God it cant be, this cannot be true. How can CY die?

Mr Cyracuse Onyeh "Cy "  for short is one of my colleagues and also  one of the office favorites. He took ill last week, and we all thought it was just like any other sickness possibly malaria, so nothing serious he will get well in no time.

On Monday the 2nd  July 2007,two colleagues from the office was at the hospital to see him, and he got discharge  from the hospital, so they took him home, to myself  "I was saying,” ah! I have not gone to see Cy since he took ill “, but like a candle in the wind came Tuesday the 3rd of July and an SMS message got delivered to our Boss’s Phone, saying, Cy has passed on,he was in doubt until another manager walked in to break the sad news- the office was  stunned, every one in utter shock, disbelieve and what ever emotion the news of death brings with it flowed freely in the office.

This can it be true?, who sent the test?, call the number?, lets call his wife, were all questions that filled the air a mist crying. The bosses rushed out of the office to Cy house on a mission to find out what's really going on.

We waited patiently to get news from them first hand, the crying sized and a hush silence filled the room, sometimes we talk and tried to see if we can convince ourselves that its some kind of practical joke but our hearts were  already too heavy no matter how hard we all tried the warm office has turned cold all of a sudden, up to the extent you can feel it right on your inside.

Yes! came the news again -Its now been confirmed CY is dead,and gone.

With a young wife and a kid , a little boy just pass 2years old, life oh life! Is this what its all about, we come in here naked, get clothed and raised by our parents , who do the run or is it rat race, the hustle and bustle of life to see that we eat, get some education, and then before you know it, your out of school and in this grinding race called life .

From oh ,God I need a job,  to God help me I need a wife, when will I get promoted, I need to make more money, my wifes pregnant, hurrary!!! it’s a girl,my landrord is taking almost all I earn in rent, and life goes on and on, the vicious circle of work, sleep and dealing with troubles , day, night,week and months ,year after year. Then one day , you just get sick and die, or some kind of accident and your gone?   my goodness there's got to be more to life than just all of this, the modern day world calls living.

Dear God, Help us for You alone can bring the answers, the meaning to every-life. That at the end of the day, regardless of the length and time when its all said and done let death never have victory, but let the life that You almighty God has given,and that has been lived and lived with a meaning,understanding and fulfillment. let it  be what we celebrate.

Oga,um! as I always called you CY , you have passed on and gone ahead to eternity. You will be greatly missed but more importantly ,you just taught us that life’s is a lesson, lets always stop, look and listen along the way, least we lose site of everything.



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