Comfort, from Comfort.

Here is some more thoughts on Km story, I shared it with a friend, comfort and this is her response.

KM's story is very touching. I don't know too many people who have the backbone to declare who they are, right or wrong. Hate the sin not the sinner. The game not the player.

The gay issue if viewed from a religious point of view is considered evil. In nature it could be considered an abnormality as the design of most creatures and even plants to be male and female.KM as a human being is the kind of person everyone would love.

There was a time that the then attorney -general of the federation proposed a bill to ban any group canvassing for gay/ lesbian marriages and associations. I was against this bill. I felt it was vindictive. I wrote to protest this bill. Am I gay? No. But I don't believe you should send a gay guy to prison. More recruits or certain death. What will that achieve?I was not in support of the gay/lesbian groups either.

My opinon? Everyone should keep their sexual preference to themselves. It is not something for public discussion unless it involves violation of minors then the society can come out with guns blazing. Any relationship between two consenting adults is their business really.

KM being HIV positive is quite unfortunate. One can never, in this society of ours discriminate. I even have members of my family both extended and close who have tested positive. Having been diagnosed with such a major disease with no cure, he will feel a need to leave a legacy and have a re-think of his life. Facing mortality does that to a person.

All I can say is that I hope he finds peace with himself and all that is around him. That, I feel should be the most important thing in life.


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