From 2007 Into 2008

In about 48hrs and counting, the Year 2007 will come to an end, the dates on our calendars will change and when ever we make reference to 2007 it will be in the past. Its at times like this you really don’t have to wait till 2008 to look back, but now each day as the year rolls out, I take a look back and all I can say is THANK YOU JESUS, I didn’t get all I would have loved to have in 2007, but I am sure glad to be alive and kicking.

The time I spent traveling back home to be with my family for Christmas, Dad, Mum… and siblings felt GOOD!, that moment will be savored for a long time to come.

2008 is a year of Visions, possibilities and renewal. I have come to realize that, creating a vision is not just enough; the mental pictures won’t come to reality on its own. So 2008 is a year of working out many visions, making a commitment to that vision. I have many thing all up in my mind, Lord help me to stay focused, prayerful and achieve all I set out to do in 2008.

To all my readers, my friends both offline and online , I Pray you see success’s in magnitude you never imagined come 2008, in the name of Jesus.

To everyone I stepped on there toes, annoyed and irritated, Please Forgive me. I pray to do better next year so get ready to get annoyed some more, just joking, forgive is divine. to err always human, So I ask and beg of you do something divine.. Forgive this brother.

So with these words, stay Blessed, stay safe and God speed in 2008. Am signing out for 2007. PEACE!!!


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