Prolog Consulting Nigeria.

Opening up a web forum on there website

Prolog consulting Nigeria has Opened a web forum on there website, This Forum is intended to cover all Topics on Logistics, procurement and the entire Supply chain locally and internationally.

If you are a Nigerian, an Expatriate working in Nigeria and those outside of Nigeria in the SCM profession, you need to register on this Forum. I believe it will afford more people the opportunity of learning more and better interactions with experienced professionals particularly Prolog faculty members, also you can get first hand and upto date information on all prolog Highly rated course that will be running in 2008.

The forum is now live , and FREE! Register @

One thing is sure; opportunities abound in this profession, in Nigeria

Seasons Greeting to Everyone. May 2008 Bring Development and more Unity to our Nation Nigeria

Q and A on Prolog
During the membership Drive for prolog webforum, someone posted this questions.

(By Emmanuel Odufu)
Could you explain what Prolog Consulting stand for and why should any Nigerian register with it.


Good Day to you Sir,

To your question, "what prolog consulting stands for" and “why should you or any other Nigeria register”.

Well let me start with the second part of your question.
First off prolog is a Nigerian Thing, the company is home based and home grown with most of the personnel’s locally and foreign trained and have vast experience in the filed of SCM.

Joining the forum will be doing your career in SCM a lot of Good, as you and I know, Networking and having the right information can make a lot of difference in getting from where you are right now, to where you hope to be career or business wise .

Now To the first part of your question. Prolog stands for FRONT to END, procurmenmt, SCM and Logistics Solutions, backed with excellent services, professionalism and the expertise to help impact on your bottom line.

Prolog consulting offers solutions in the area of procurement, logistics and supply chain to small and medium enterprise and larger organizations in the various sectors of the Nigerian economy.
They focus on helping organizations achieve improved system-wide operations in their businesses by helping to identify hidden value and eliminate bottle necks in their entire value chain.

As companies search for ways to proactively stay ahead of competition, there is a continuous and intense pressure on the profit margin, customers’ are getting sophisticated in their demands and it is increasingly becoming difficult for organizations to exceed or meet their needs.

Meeting or exceeding such expectations is a critical success factor that can be achieved through efficient and cost effective flow of materials and information from source through the entire organization and unto the end user.

Efficiency in material and information management has become a challenging reality confronting many organizations.

Prolog helps you overcome the challenges associated with your material management and information flow through their world class cutting edge solutions that will differentiate you from your competitors through superior service and lower cost; deliver operational excellence and give you quick return on investment capital and improved shareholder’s value without introducing system instability.

Hope this in someway throws better light on Prolog and the goal of the web Forum.

Please join us


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