Yes,I know Its Time.

“Thou oh lord are a shield over me, the glory and the lifter of my head” ….life experiences for me has always proved Gods word to be ever true, and that verse always come to mind.

Its been a while since I had the time to write or post on this blog, well I do love blogging and keeping tracks of current life experiences and thoughts, but when the pressures values of life is turned on one cant help but to put certain things aside and put your faith to force.

In the past mounts I have had pressure on almost every front, on the Job, from within myself and even in my relationship. Of all of these, it’s the one that has to do within me that concern me the most.

What do you do when your dreams get bigger by the day and it looks like that’s about, as it gets, living your dream in actual reality seems like a mirage , but you just cant stop dreaming. Stop dreaming? No way is “failure not an option, victory is a must”

This phase is interesting, but not what everyone wants to go through it, its challenging, but sometime one easily gets beat down, its like Pastor Lanre Oluseye of HOTR Church,in  Port Harcourt will say, "this is the fight of my Life".

In being all that you desire to be, all that God has willed you to be, you ask the questions why all the huddles along the way, is this to shape me into what I must be in order to do what I must do, when I become what HE expects of me? A big question, a good question and the really question.

Honestly if not for the WORD I would have lost my mind, if not for the Faith in HIM and the Grace he bestows, what will I do? But Thanks be to the God of my salvation because in him I can do all things by virtue of his strength that’s at work within me.

The next couple of months are crucial, and of great importance to the present and the future, decision have been made, decisions are been taken, and decision are to be taking.

I believe the events that have occurred in all sphere of my Life in the last 3 yrs plus, is absolutely in preparation for the events that am about to come into, the Level I am stepping into.

The Level of Dreams in reality, the level of testament. Its time YES I know its time.


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