ISM (American) /CIPS (British) Credentials Discussion.

Institute of Supply Management-ISM

Charted Institute of Purchasing and Supply -CIPS

In comparison to CIPS certifications, I have always thought that ISM is equally of same standards, although I have seen a few that don’t agree with that assertion.

I am presently taking the CIPS qualification and considering join ISM at the same time.

I might still Join ISM as this will give me access to taking its online courses at a cheaper rate, but I wont be pursuing its qualifications via the exams, why?.

The ISM exams are multiple choice questions, this kind of examination from personal experiences, is not a firm test of knowledge of the subject matter, as compared to taking an examination that requires theoretical, table’s graphs or chart explanations

CIPS exams are all theoretical test of 3hrs,covering key subject and areas of Purchasing and supply management appropriate for each level of professional in the field or people just joining the profession .

CIPS has a structured process to Pursue a certification in Purchasing and Supply Management form one ;level to another, its exams structure, plus a strong local Branch in Nigeria where I currently reside and work, makes it a foreign professional body of choice for most Nigerians.

One can pay subscription dues in Local currency and take my exams at the British council, stress free. The major challenge with studying for CIPS here is with study centers, there are currently only two officially recognized in Nigeria by CIPS, as a result most of us pursuing the CIPS certification resort to self study by buying all the required study Guides for the appropriate levels. Getting the books is also a major challenge, as they are not sold locally, buying online and shipping to Nigeria sorts of increase the cost.

ISM should follow suit to gain more acceptances internationally, as a lot of American firms operate in African and Nigeria’s oil and gas sectors in particular


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