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“Courage is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to break through limitations and take action” Anthony Robbins

Ask your self, what dose success mean, to me? Is it riches (a fat bank account), is it fame and fortune or being stupendously wealthy.

Having an answer to this all important question sets the state for achieving what you really want out of being a success in life.

For many success may have everything or nothing to do with having money, but real success goes beyond and above having money ,real success is having the ability to explore the immeasurable possibility of expending our God given talents ,using our resources , making the most of our time effectively , and balancing all this out with a solid moral fiber and virtue.

Real success does not change who you are, real success does not get into your head, but real success keeps your feet on the ground, its stays in your heart and not in your head.

Success is a journey; with many destinations and in this journey along the way are trials, challenges, errors and it takes time as you go along.

A true reflection of a success story is seen not just in the life of the individual in question, but is evident in the lives of the people around him, or the people under his circle of influence.


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