Power !

As a kid, the rap artist by (Snap) made me dance to this song "I got the power" -.
After reading the article found via the link below on (Why Nigeria Generates So Little Power) by Timi Soleye http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/5695091  

I ask if his quote "greenest populous country in the world, but it is so entirely by accident" is sarcasm or ridicule? But sad reality is that this writer said it all.
Some Hard Facts :

Over the last 2months with zilch electricity from my electricity providers (Port-Harcourt Electricity Distribution Company PHED),http://www.phed.com.ng/

I have practically generated my own power and gone through the fragmented process of generation,transmission,and distribution including storage thus giving me a sneak view of the entire supply chain.                                                    

Its starts with building a power plant or buying one and installing it. In this case I bought a petrol generator to achieve the 1st stage of the process power (GENERATION).                                                                                                               

Next is using an extensive wiring from the generator, housed 3floors down and over 100yards away to connect and distribute electricity to where its need , my apartment - (TRANSMISSION/DISTRIBUTION).
Then I added an extra stage in the process, considering the peculiarity of this electricity challenge in Africa biggest economy by GDP,because you can go for weeks unending with out the lights flicking, I connected an inverter to store some of the generators, generated power. Using  power banks of DC batteries (deep cycle ) that can be charged when the generator running ,thus achieving some level of power (STORAGE). This then provides AC current for reuse via the inverter,while the generator cools off-                                                                                                                                                                          
So there you have it, my mini cracking of the code on the electrical power issues "wahala" Nigeria's has been facing for over 30years. Call it treating the symptoms,but its the least I can  do for now, at least from where I stand.

Oh! one more thing, whats missing is a vicious attack dog,....for what you ask ?To scare off that bill delivering staff of the power company - NEPA,PHCN,or is it the DISCO, or what ever they call themselves now, because how they still have the nerves to bill and then deliver those bills for services not provided! is just beyond me .


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