Public "lie" Servants


Why Nigeria's public servant never tell Nigerians the simple truth? From the natural lairs  the politician,to even the security services, everyone now seems to lie, look you in the face and lie like hell, and dwell in mediocrity and eye service just  to show to Mr. President look "I am working" and thus your so called transformation agenda is changing lives of Nigerians... yet the reality is far,far different because they the highly place public office holders seem to be the once judging their own performance  :

It's almost a total risk, to take the word of the Nigerian Government as reliable,you do that at your peril

My comments here has nothing to do with the President of Nigeria aka GEJ, I am not anti or pro GEJ,so don't get it twisted pro GEJ supporters,I am pro Nigeria and my concern here is about the culture of lies and falsehood that's now being deep rooted in the Nigerian public life and system especially in government sector at Federal,State and Local Council level.

In a serious country somebody would have been relieved of their job just by the recent revelations that an ebola victim was not accounted for and he was able to travel "God knows how he traveled, and seek medical attention on his own terms outside the isolation centers set up , thus risking the lives of millions more Nigerians.

How can a colossal amount of almost 10 million dollars of Nigerian funds, be ferried in a private Jet out of Nigeria to South Africa and the explanation from government is : the government was so desperate to purchase arms to prosecute the war on terror in north eastern Nigeria, they had to do this.  Shocking! but if it looks like a lie,smells like a lie then it most probably be a lie.

 I may be critical despite all that the Government is doing,however I am critical because I believe anything worth doing must be done well, for any country enshrined in falsehood its only a matter of time the consequences of such a way of life may be disastrous .


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