We Trust, yet "Trust no one"

I recently made the comments below when someone put up this picture on facebook 


"Trust no one" what an interesting phrase, but somehow its practically impossible when you really give it some thought::: 

My view is that life ensures we trust whether we really want to or not ? for example think of it in these terms.Have you ever flown on a plane ?, then I submit that you actually did put some form of trust on the pilot,engineers ,air traffic controllers etc that they all knew what they were doing, thats the reason you decided to take a calculated risk and fly on that plane?. 

How about travelling by road on public transport  in a country like Nigeria where road accident occurs daily?, you don’t know the driver but you trust he could drive and also drive safely all the way to your destination and when you set off on a journey you didn't even ask, show me your drivers licences or how long have you been driving ? It you trust the transport company to have ran all that check, or you just taking a risk ?

Finally how about marriage – that one institution we really can’t gain admission into without first on our own establishing at least some level of trust on another human? you trust they wont bash your head in while you sleep, or just up and leave for no reason, and even when your trust fail, sometime people still go and get married again,trusting on some level all again right ?

Yes fake untrustworthy people do exist but can we really trust no one ? well maybe we can 

 I personally prefer the mantra - trust can fail,though trust is earned.



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