Cabal and Vultures

With the Nigeria general elections due in 2015,Nigeria's  People Democratic Party (PDP) governors endorsed  Goodluck Ebele Jonathan the current president (GEJ); they forgot that two remaining endorsements with which GEJ cannot really make it are;Gods endorsement and that of the people.

It’s no longer news that a "cabal" exist now and it sponsoring  events e.g TAN rallies and the 100's of other support groups all ment for GEJ re-elections, they are are spending billions of Naira already to basically protect their own interest by ensuring GEJ remains in government, not the interest of the majority of Nigerians. 

From his action /in actions GEJ himself is buying totally into this falsehood failing to learn from the two most important aspects of his own ascension to the presidency 

1.Was the YAR'ADUA cabal (former Nigerian president) not demolished by divine providence when President Yaradua passed on ? why didn't the cabal give Yaradua Life so they can continue to rule via their entrenched cabalization

2.GEJ was elected in 2011 simply because vast majority of Nigerians wanted a change, after enough frustrations from so called " must rule" / "its our turn" nonsense by some individuals and sections of Nigeria. People nursed a silent hope that this man GEJ, without any real bad/evil reputation, negative political history, or military baggage just might be a saving grace for Nigerians - hence Nigerians easily bought hook,line and sinker into themes like[i] "GEJ a breath of fresh air" or  "GEJ, am one of you, I didn't have shoes in school"

But alas!! sadly its the very same evil tactics that the then GEJ enemies tried to use against him when he was considered the underdog, are the same tactics GEJ is allowing or maybe  now using so he too can stay in power ;because

1. There's now a strong cabal who will go all the way to seek for GEJ re-elections not for any reason but simply to protect their own interest. So am already thinking,only God knows the payback these people will demand should GEJ win re-election

2. Some of GEJ so called south-south kins including former militants like and other  what I will call "political criminals" for the region are now show shouting its our turn too, GEJ an Ijaw man  and he must rule 8years or we will go on our own rampage.

Nigerians can’t see? can’t think ?

Is it not sad that for all the loud noise, money being spent and out right/covet campaigning for GEJ taking place already despite the ban on such for now, that in all of these not for once has there been a clear manifesto of what GEJ really intends to do with another 4 years ? no intelligent debate or argument is going on about Nigerians future if left in the hand of GEJ. Rather the campaign /arguments is all based on what he has done in the past and this are often over bloated with lies via (the so called transformation agenda) while other use the baseless argument that he is from the south, and thus the south needs to rule 8years also ? 

                                                              THE REALITY 

I have no problem voting for GEJ because by my own estimation there's really no credible opposition as of today, however because of the outright, clear hijacking of  GEJ government, we see already and how bad the "vultures" are already gathering again to seek his re-election and feast again from 2015 - till 2019

I have strong concerns come 2015 and all you GEJ till 2019  should too



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