2014 into 2015 -New Beginnings,Thankful.

2014, wow! what a year, and in a few hours the,days,weeks and months that made up the year 2014, all comes to an end.

Looking back now, I can say 2014 for me was a busy year, eventful year, with tough challenges and yet its ending on a grateful and thankful note.

I sure didn’t get all I would have wanted or hoped for, or did all I could have or should have done rightly, while I won’t fail to constantly take stock of my life’s happenings, for now I am not bothered of what I got right or didn’t get right – I just grateful and thankful to God Almighty for the end of one year and elated, hopeful and expectant at the beginning of another year, that presents renewed opportunities and goodness.

For all that lived out 2014, you know the many unexplainable, shocking and sad events that occurred – internationally and locally in my country. I purposely chose not to mention or list some of these events but my prayer and heart’s desire is that  comforts and restorations comes to the many folks who lost loved ones, who lost hope, or even still face extreme hardship from the aftermath of these events.

My earnest prayer is that in 2015 the evil wind and influences behind the carnage's, painful and sad events of 2014 that caused so much, losses and suffering for many people and families will ceases come 2015. I believe good can and will always conquer evil

As a Christian I hold faith, that the forces of Good, both human and divine will exert greater sway on humanity and the world systems. Let goodness find expressions in the lives of men and women, and beat back the growing tide of evil, and wickedness. Though we wont live in a perfect world, I always have faith it can get better.

So as one year ends and another (2015) starts. I remain thankful, again and again to my creator for giving me life, bringing me into existence, sustaining and preserving me by his goodness and mercy day by day,year by year.  As I walk the part God lays for me, I pray I grow in wisdom, getting understanding to continually fulfill my life’s purpose in all sphere of my existence.

I am thankful for the safety and preservation of the lives of every member of my family – God’s grace and mercy has kept us – it’s evident and I gladly testify of the increases.

I am thankful for the life’s of my friends, their families, my colleagues and those who have added knowledge and experiences to me and have continually been a blessing to me professionally and for everyone in my life.I will always be grateful to God and remain thankful for putting them in my life’s path.

2014 had its low points, its mistakes, but am grateful we are still standing but by the grace of God- and now the outlook for 2015 in one word is, Good!  

The year 2015 is crowned with Gods Goodness and Mercy- and as we experience the year it will remain. Good in season, Good out of season, Good in the beginning, Good in the end, Good in the rains, Good in the sun. Good to my wife, Good to my parents, Good to my inlaws, Good to my friends and their families, Good to my brothers, Good to my sisters, Good to my employers, Good to my students, Good to my finances, Good to my investments, Good to my saving, Good to my ideas, Good to my Country, Good to my church, Good to my pastors, Good to the leaders and influencer's in my life, Good to my health, and all these Goodness and more in 2015, makes  the year Good to me. 


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