Elections 2015 - Hard Choice

President Goodluck and Former Military President Buhari

It’s almost election year again in Nigeria and the internet from twitter,to facebook and the blog-sphere is buzzing with comments, articles and analysis from Nigerians about the 2015 elections. I understand all the frenzy about this elections, because  Nigerians or at least most Nigerian consider  this elections  will be Nigeria's most  decisive and keenly contested elections since the return to democracy in 1999.

A Friend posted an article on facebook with the title [ 3 Reasons Buhari-Osinbajo Beats Jonathan-Sambo ] by Tokunbo Akintola  read here http://www.tokunboakintola.com/3-reasons-buhari-osinbajo-beats-jonathan-sambo/

 Obviously many comments were  made on the posters facebook page by some of us who read the article, it was a split.While some praised Buhari as a non-corrupt  candidate when compared against the current president (Goodluck), others reeled out the achievements of president Goodluck  government, while painting Buhari as an extremist of some sort, both as a military head of state and a Northern leader.

 Well I made the comment below and I am really not taking the side of either of these men (presidential candidate), I am on the side called Nigeria.

my FB comments:

 I think the three reasons i:e strength of character, intelligence and Nigerians want (Buhari/Oshibajo) listed by this writer Tokunbo Akintola are based on his own judgment and from his stance one can say he leans towards the Buhari candidature  and thus all he reason are very much debatable by pro Goodluck .

General Buhari is no saint, but then again who is? Even president Goodluck described by one of his "adviser's" as bearing the weight of Nigeria's issue “just like Jesus " is not a saint either.

The late United States president John. F. Kennedy said these words:
“No President should fear public scrutiny of his program. For from that scrutiny comes understanding; and from that understanding comes support or opposition. And both are necessary."

Unfortunately president Goodluck handlers and die hard supporters feel this administration and the president should not be scrutinized, hence all of president Goodluck's  good,bad and ugly critics are in the opposition or eventually end up there.

I was not too surprised by the president's recent comment that "for every issue he had to take a decision on,he gets multiple suggestions that were most times contradictory ". With so many self-serving advisers and selfish people around Mr president, it is expected that he will get loads of contradictory suggestions, as everyone is seeking for what they can get and not what's in the best Interest for all Nigerians.

Personally weather it's Buhari or the current president Goodluck , what I crave for is to vote for a candidate that's totally committed to salvaging Nigeria. One who knows and appreciate that it would requires a change in outlook, a change in tactics, a change in missions—by the government, by the people, by every businessman or labor leader,student ,the media etc.

For now, and in all honesty neither of the presidential candidates cut the picture of a leader that can bring about this type of change for Nigeria.

So may the best of the worst candidates win.......


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