Sacrificial Lambs

Some may argue all they want in support of  Mr President  but I believe this, never in history has one man changed a country all by himself, because it takes having the wisdom to gain the trust,commitment,respect,support and faith in your leadership  by the majority of your people for a leader to truly succeed .

This present Nigerian government like those before it has not just asked the long suffering people of Nigeria to make more sacrifices, but like it or not they have already forced Nigerians to make sacrifices.

Now fair enough Nigerians must make sacrifices, and I believe we have started this a by paying more for electricity even if moderately stable electricity doesn’t really exist yet,we paying more for fuel  (petrol) a commodity that’s at the center of Nigerian life’s more so due to the failed electricity infrastructure and failed refineries,also Nigerians are now paying N50 stamp duty and have been asked to prepare for a range of taxes to be introduced by Federal,State and even Local Governments all sourcing for more funds due to decline in revenue from federation account that use to be burgeon with money from crude oil sales and oh by the way there’s a rumored likely increase in VAT. All this is taking place  at a time when most Nigerians face stagnant income,reducing income,owed income,struggling profits – in extreme cases no income at all if you are on the unemployment line.

If like me you so love our incorruptible president, can I ask what has President Buhari done specifically and  institutionally to ensure that government and its officials are also sacrificing?

What has the national assembly done in anyway to ensure that they too are making scarifies, what scarifies have state governors  across the 36 states given up thus far ?, – if you can honestly answer this question: then that for me is the greatest level of honesty you can bequeath yourself whether you hate or like this government or you are just  nonchalant.

Nigerians I ask for once stop following the propaganda  weather its from this or any other past Government, no Nigeria government federal or state has ever admitted they governed wrongly but yet Nigeria has nothing to show for all their self-proclaimed good governance

President Buhari needs our support and prayers he really does, but while we pray, lets also also pray that Buhari realizes that he too needs the people, that’s what got him there in the first place, not his henchmen from his party the APC 


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