Staying Alive, Enjoying the Journey

This year, I invested in a multi room-portable speaker with bluetooth connectivity and internet radio access. It's been a long time coming, I have wanted one for a long time now. I had to save and wait for the right time to make this purchase as I had to get a premium brand (Bose Speakers) and they don't come cheap.

Why would I wait this long to get a speaker and then talk about it online?  You see am very particular about my mornings, especially my waking moments and the first few hours of each day. We leave in a part of the world where if you are not deliberate about certain or infact most things for example how your day begins, then you just keep going through the motions, typical for folks living in a densely populated city.

So personally I chose to take a different path, and my speaker offer a small help in that direction. I incorporated to my morning waking up routine, listening silently to great songs,of worship,contemporary gospel and inspirational music for those few moments while still lying on my bed - with the world shutout completely, to avoid generator noise,the preacher man screaming "Repent" at the top of his lungs at 4am and the mass of jalopies Volvo wagons raving their engines none stop, ready to pick up freshly baked bread from the bakery next door. So with that picture of the world I now shut out, you can but only imagine my previous early mornings and for someone who sleep light, it's like I hear everything even with my eyes closed and with ear plugs on.

But ahhh! Thank God, now I wake up and the day feels brighter, peaceful,all I hear is heavenly voices drowning  out all the unnecessary,voice, sound and noise.

One more thing I now do, I stopped listening to the news, at least not again in the early hours of the morning or even when driving to work, there's so much bad in the  news and to me it's no longer news.In place of the early morning news I am building a habit of either just reflecting or listen to some of my favorite preachers and speakers.I leave the news for much, much later in the day, and another gadget (Alexa from Amazon) I invested in helps give me my daily news flash briefing, bits of global/local news in tiny chunks.
Notice I use the word invest? yes, these to me are not just expenses on stuff. That's because I try as much as I can not to just buy stuff, but rather invest in stuffs that have positive rippling effects on other aspects of my life,helping me live a much better life. So I can do the things I need to do with more zest, getting better at what I do and doing it happily. Staying Alive, Enjoying the Journey


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