Early Morning Musing - Nigeria MOP (mode of operation)

Lagos, commercial capital city of Nigeria with its over 15million population is buckling  under its own weight.

Nigeria with about 7 costal states, and 3 of them apart from Lagos have sea ports. Yet virtually all imports and Nigeria's miniscule exports has to come in and go out the ports in Apapa Lagos.

What I call typical Nigerian MOP .

Simple solution, you would think is get the two ports in Delta state working,  these are (the Warri Port and Koko Port,)   and also get the three Ports in Rivers state, these are (federal lighter terminal FLT Onne port , federal ocean terminal FOT Onne port, and the Port Harcourt sea Port) all working full throttle including maximizing the use and gains of the Onne Free Trade Zone, and yet still ensure the Calabar Port in Cross Rivers state, comes back into full time operations.

Hmmm but since this is Nigeria, it seems no one is interested in getting all the other Ports to function optimally, rather the easy solution is for Lagos state to start investing billions of Naira in building another Sea Port and free zone  in Lekki, Lagos Nigeria - not minding the negative impact its privileged/preferred Port status has caused.

It's only a matter of time,with no national freight network for trains in Nigeria moving goods, imports or exports to and from these Lagos ports (old and one being built) , it's these same trucks with the current chaotic situations, that will come and clog the entire Lekki express way in the near future when the Port, Freezone and oh, the Dangote Petroleum refinery comes on stream. Well remember I said so when it eventually happens, my Logistics eyes has seen a vision of the future.

Watch This!

Now, to the "foolish" greedy, and  crude oil and gas socked, militancy confused governments in the Niger Delta states, including its resources control hat wearing, representatives in the federal legislature, and the most loud yet docile citizens in the F-ing planet,so comfortable with the sea ports in their region existing without business(cormesorate economic activity alike in lagos port) , pardon me for using the term foolish, but wisdom is far from you alla, my people.

 You, we all should be fighting to ensure full economic activities come back to all ports in the Delta  region its called Delta for a reason. Imagine these Ports working as intended, this can further boost economy activities, creating more jobs, attracting more investors to settle within this region.

I say,.. wake the now, take  this"na our oil madness " mask off.. You can either Evole, or you know what ? Run to Lagos, Abuja, obodo oyibo (abroad ) or dee-eye-eh (Die)


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