This is Lagos , This is Nigeria.

Way before Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino sang This is America, in Nigeria we have a city Lagos, where we know there's really no "Welcome to Lagos" at the entrance of the city ,but (This is Lagos) .

Sad news coming out of Lagos this evening, another horrible carnage on it's roads - my last post on June 1st surprisingly enough was about the unhealthy situation we have on our roads in Nigeria and Lagos sets the standard.

Just in April on a visit to Lagos, I made the video  of a  major road, Ikorodu road and how it's  clogged  with container trucks and tankers hulling flameable Liquid,(video still on my blog timeline) and whilst having an early morning musing in Lagos, I wrote the piece  titled Lagos MOP (mode of operation) ,saying Lagos  is buckling under it's own wieght.Well guess it was easy for me to see it with fresh eyes since I am no longer a Lagosians, because it looked normal to some the way people carry on with  impending danger all around, besides the crazy Lagos traffic.

Lagos is buckling under it's own wieght"just this  month a container indicent at Ojulegba bridge -an unstrapped  container on a truck, on a bridge falls off the truck down unto cars and pedestrians  below killing everything it lands on.

Now today a petrol tanker shuttling highly flameable liquid bursting into flames at Otedole bridge, the scene looked like something from a Hollywood flick,seriously it did,but this was the real thing and humans not dummy's were being burnt to ashes.

God blessed Nigeria with so many things and one thing I am sure of is that our location on the face of the Earth, make Nigeria almost free from major Natural Disasters the likes we see around the world, however with little or no serious natural disasters at least in 2018, Nigeria again experiencs loads of needless ,senseless "man made disaster".

On the road, or off the roads in mass killings springing up all over, with the middle belt states the hotbed of these types of man made disasters hundreds of people die,and get killed daily and yet a President sincerely shifts blame and says pray! ?

Sincere ,Delusional or Plain Wickedness ? Time would be the judge.

Lagos is the center of excellence ,as its tagged and yeah call or tag it whatever you wish but the bare truth is, "everything" need not be in Lagos.

Nigeria has 36 states,maybe someday, somebody in "Government would receive some common sense" -decongest Lagos ,and get frieght by rail working .

May the dead rest peacefully.


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