Crossing Over 2018 into 2019 - Make Things Happen

It's 31st December 2018: Wow! the last day of another year and as I write this I can hardly pinpoint my emotions right now but I know real gratitude and a heart of thanksgiving is somewhere in there. 

The last day of every year I have been blessed with is very special to me, it's not just the ending of one year and the turning of another calendar or just the 1st day of the year nor the festivities that make this day special.

It’s the fact that I have gone full circle through another 365 days, one season measured in days has ended and am about to start a new cycle. 

Over the last 12 going on 13 years since I started blogging here. I take a few minuets on the last day of each year to write a few of my thoughts “nothing too specific since I am putting these on a public space” but I sort of write some general thoughts about the outgoing year and my outlook for the incoming year. 

I must confess that haven been doing this since 2006, I now always go back to what I wrote down the previous 31st December to read and see how my projections or expectations panned out or even if it did not. 

I can then see and ask myself "was I able to leave up to what I was expecting to happen, or did I take up the responsibilites that laid on my path ?  

Well, I can say this. As I read thoughts from the previous years, I find even more wisdom going into the new year and am again encouraged to keep writing down some of my thoughts. 

2018; Reflect.

Indeed I considered it "an arduous task " of a year, it was fast, it was extremely busy, it really challenging, however it was all worth it. 

I failed! in many ways and many times, on not just one but different spheres of lives endeavor, but grace, specifically the grace of God kept me going and has thought me to do this one thing –keep moving forward, don’t stop, don’t give up, don’t give in.

On the flip side, I saw so many victories, many I didn’t even expect, nor worked as hard as most people would have, but somehow I still won anyway. 

2018 taught me again about many things I thought I already knew, and I opened to relearn. To my surprise 2018 gave me new light in those areas, things like showing gratitude and what that really means, like  being thankful for each day, each hour, each going out and coming in and not taking for granted every and any little thing. The daily miracle being able to inhale and exhale, with a healthy body and mind.  

Then there are other things I relearn, like shielding my peace, prioritizing my health and always, always letting go of all factors that would cause me due or undue stress. I learned how to deal with these types of things  in new ways, as my faith and my confidence in God grew.

Also I took time to ask myself certain questions this year, questions that I am still seeking answers to and letting Gods holy spirit speak and direct me. 

As a Christian I have never struggled with my faith in Jesus Christ and never ever will, I didn't chose my faith, but faith chose me. As I began again to think more about organized or institutionalized religion, in the context of “church”  a Christian church as I can't speak about other faiths . 

I want to examine myself more in the church,for while my faith/relationship with God through his son Jesus Christ is a personal thing, being a Christain in a community of belivers  " a Church" is largely not personal but a community experience and imposes some responsibilities on you. For as a collective, we make up the "body of believers in Christ Jesus and this is deeper than it really seems in modern day Christianity 

Plainly put, even in Church like in most places I am not a " Mixer" am private, am simple and never been a judge. 

However I can't always deny the fact that, what I do, or what I do not do, how I relate or don’t relate in that community does affect my experience and shapes how I see and belong to that community. A "church community” is so complex because you have and engage with mankind in all shades and phases of life with varying Christian experience in that community. 

So sometimes it seems this community is the opposite of what it meant to be, Light and Salt to the earth– and I ask myself questions first, can I truly say am not part of the problem even with this " lone ranger attitude " so  before I point a finger, I question me, is my life, my attitude, time, resources being put to the best use and building this community? 

I would leave that question mark there for now, because this is still a phase and am digging deep and leaning on Gods spirit to speak to me, teach me and show me answers to questions in my head and in my heart. 

2019; Expect.

Make Things Happen. If 2018 was busy,2019 would be much busier and with a multitude of activities, time can fly by so quickly. Thus while "I" strive I know this, 
HE will make " All Things" happen because I believe HE said so  (Roman 8:28);  as I work to play my part daily, many times during the new year. I must not forget to - stop, look, and listen. 

Stop from all the many sometimes unnecessary activities daily, weekly and monthly. 

Look unto the author and finisher of my faith and my being, for it is in HIM I live and have my being. Never being too busy to look to HIM, Jesus Christ for in him alone, I find myself.

Listen, listen for that still voice that drowns out the noise of a fast-paced life and hear Gods spirit speak, listen and follow instruction, correction, and direction. Find help when and where I need it most. 

2019 will be making ALL things happen, and getting rid of clutter, know that its not in my own power, wisdom or ability – but lining up to the very source of my life, the giver, the enabler and yet still the keeper of my life. 

I see new challenges, and huge leap with life-changing decisions in the horizon and  I need the clarity only the creator, author and director can give to guide me through these.

Family: Friends

I entered and ended 2018, with the entire members of my family alive and in health for this I thank God, it is not by chance this happened, its designed by Gods desire to see us prosper and live even in good health and we continue to live in what HE desires for us

2018 saw the sudden and unexpected exist of an extended family member, this was and still is a sad one –Thinking of his immediate family and all the many people, family, friends, staffs, and community that he had always supported and was responsible for in some cases. May they find grace and strength to carry on without his physical presence.

Each day, life makes more meaning and means more –the importance of time in the (now)  as against Time in the (future) is clearly understood - Chose which you have. Live Now, for now, was once a future.

So I am grateful for everyone I have and everyone that has me–my Wife, Kids unborn, Father, My Mother, My Brothers, My Sisters, My Nice, My Nephews, My Inlaws. My Friends, far and near, old and new, and My Colleagues. 

For everyone, I remain thankful and in real gratitude to the creator, giver, and sustainer of life for keeping us all. Day and Night, Going Out and Coming In, Ups of life, and Downs of Life, Happy Moments, Sad Moments, In Ill Health and In Perfect Health again He keeps and shows us his grace, mercy, and love. 

I pray and ask again and yet again – that for the year 2019, 52 weeks,12months and for each season that GOD almighty . The one and only true GOD of the heavens and the earth watch over us all – let only GOD'S will be done in our lives, let HIS purpose for our being become our day to day realities. Let His Peace, His Blessing, His Mercies, His Love and Grace define our 2019.

As we turn the decade, in just two more years keep us, shows us, and do with our lives great and might things for your own glory alone. 

Country: Nigeria

Its election year in Nigeria, and personally I think looking back 4 years from the previous elections, its now shattered hopes for many and broken promises, the hallmark of man's government or systems especially on the African continent. 

We live in a part of the world where "man" and by that I mean the government. They always fails to take responsibilities for their mistakes or errors but rather would they choose to redefine what the truth is when it come to taking responsibilities.  

For the election in the new year 2019 – Nigerians are skeptical – many know again they can either gamble another 4 years with the present government or take the risk again with yet possibly another promise and fail, who always before elections say they can do it (government) better.

I see one thing though , those who didn’t do well and fail to admit it, but rather would say unashamedly that they did very well – don’t deserve another opportunity –  deceit begats deceit, start with deceit  you would end in deceit. 

Those who say they can do better yet base all their arguments on the failures of the present poor performances of Goverment and frustrations of many Nigerians towards today's government, without saying how they intend to do that "better" they too are seeking one thing – a change of the government for themselves, and their interest. 

So either way, Nigerians might just be facing a "lose-lose" situation , thus we can't expect much, however I believe this. In this dire straights Nigeria face today – they will be a twister – something no one, if any, would see coming. Something is bound to happen, something is bound to give way - a Divine Disruption- A Reset, I can't say what it is but I know something should and would happen to reset Nigeria on a much better phat It is my prayer, it is my belief. 

Let's do this:

So finally I would go into the new year striving to make peace with myself and with all men as much as it is possible. 

Hold onto my peace, the prince of peace  Jesus Christ. In 2019, it’s a year to make things happen – I will flow with the tide of Gods grace and always remember, and hold on to the knowledge that when  "ALL" things happen, it is for his Glory alone – because he worked it all out.

So I go with Gods Blessings, reflect with Gratitude, remain with Gods Peace, stand with Courage, and apply all Godly Wisdom – 

As I go into 2019 – Come with me lets do this.


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