You are hired...

You see these folks here, they are all applying to "me" to give them a "very big" Job in Abuja, next year,2019 February.

I asked for CV's. while I have gotten some, good, bad and downright ugly CVs  that am diligently still reading through and checking out their claims, other prospects  are telling me they really don't need to give me a CV. Like it or not they will still get the Job anyways, because they have the money, #levels and connections.

Some other are telling me "abeg" please ,you see this job,I don do something wen resemble am before, before , so just vote, sorry I mean hire  me -I shall make your company #great

How I wish it's only me that will look at these  CV's,then run interviews and elect, sorry again I mean select the best man or maybe a woman for the job, but ufortunately, I have possibly over 80million other eligible people on this panel with me and most of us can't stand each other guts 😄 talk less of agreeing on anything sensible.

Am almost certain once again like we have been hiring in all our other federal, state and local council-owned companies. We go once again will chose " the worst of us to lead the best of us " at the end of the day.

How we manage to still remain in business all these years, only God knows.😳

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