Night Time Musing - Unbox Therapy

The decision to be on social media e.g Instagram, facebook, twitter, etc for most is a personal one, in most cases you did it cause you wanted to not because anyone asked you to.

The content you share - pictures, personal stories, comments, opinions, write up, career/work /business or even faith /religious related contents be they good,bad or sometimes down right ugly - they are yours and it's your decision to share them-

Don't let those who make themselves out to be "the judge" rule your life, by letting the "fear" of  their opinion about what you chose to do or not to do on social media, be what teleguides you.

As long as you do what you doing for the right reasons, then I feel it should not matter what people think,say or even do- you just do you, be you, share your stories, document time, places and events, how and where you best deem fit and if you chose to do that online or offline let it be your conscious choice - don't let people's opinion or expectations be what may really hold you down.

On the flip side, if like most, you're equally carving attention and thus waiting on a "Man's " favorable comments or positive feedback to be your driving force for all you do on or offline , you're in a box or if you are afraid of negative  comment or people's opinion/perception of you-  you too have locked yourself in a box.

To (be in or be out, make it 100% your choice ) so for those who have chosen the path to willing and unapologetically unbox themselves, and  enjoy the experience - I say live your life

Here these short but  wise words from Dennis Prager in the video below.


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