2007 Elections in Nigeria a Travesty

So much talk about corruption, by... you know who.... Setting up,EFCC,ICPC bla , bla, Bla !!... Now look at THE man, the incumbent Governors of His party and His conspirators the entire PDP as they rape Nigerians in the open, and impose themselves on Nigerians ones again, by Hook and by crook. See what’s going on in EDO state, Delta , Anambara, Oyo,Platue etc.

Lets ask our self the question, if these people are really going there to server, why must they get there at all cost? The only reason they are doing this is , they want to control the power and the wealth of the nation for themselves PERIOD!. They sure as hell, don’t need our votes to do that, they have Rigged and rigged it well,THE man has ones again played god!

Presidential elections! No way, it’s a selection by Mr. Biggs already.We took the pain to register to Vote, came out despite the treat and the violence in most parts and @ the end of the day, the incumbents used the instrument of INEC and power that they control to swing it the way it pleased them

It’s only a matter of Time, Mr Biggs you!! too will be out of A- rock and if he thinks that He can play the puppet master, He should think twice, he could not be used as a puppet, so why will he ever think he can use someone as a puppet.
God is watching, and God will save Nigeria again and again. God bless Nigeria!


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